America: “I’ve Been Everywhere”

Today’s blog comes from Jade Edwards, a Travel Expert in our Manchester store. 

Over the past few years I have seen and explored more than my fair share of America and my state count is getting closer to completion, “from California to New York Island”!

If, like me (and my pal Johnny Cash), you’ve ventured far and wide throughout the States and been ‘everywhere’, you may think another America trip will just consist of returning to the same awesome places you’ve been before. However, if you’re looking for an All American experience that goes a little deeper, or even if you’ve never ventured to the States and want a trip that’s a little difference, then I have a few recommendations and tips from my most recent trip in May that could help you out.

Rocking all over the world

Salt Lake City

Right at the heart of Utah, “the guys and I dig a city called Salt Lake”! It ain’t straight shooting to get there from the UK, but there are plenty of places for a stopover from an international flight before an internal flight to SLC. Famous for its Mormon settlement including Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square, the city is steeped in American history. It’s unbelievably quiet for a state capital city, making the views and surroundings seem even more incredible – you can see why they settled here! After strolling around in the warm sunny city centre, you’ll be at the snowy mountains within 30 minutes, so why not get your ski on at one of the four resorts? If you’re into movies, make sure you tie in a trip with the Sundance Festival; hello Robert Redford!


From SLC head to Moab. Along the way, stop at Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse State Park for unforgettable photo opportunities.

If you’ve been to the Grand Canyon you’ll love them (they might be even better, plus fewer tourists!). To get the adrenaline pumping, hike the Mesa View Trail and conquer the Mesa Arch. My shaky legs at the height of this arch would have put Elvis to shame! It was a big ‘in your face’ moment for my vertigo.

In Moab you can get active again and try your hand and rafting down the Colorado River. If you do give this a try, you’ll love it and you’ll want to do it again! Cross into Colorado to Durango (“95”) and take on the waters of the Animas River. I took an unexpected dip in the chilly waters and managed to ‘paddle out’ (had to be done). Recover from the cold waters further south at Pagosa Springs where you can relax and be pampered in natural hot springs.

Santa Fe

If you’ve made it this far, continue the journey to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Throw on a chef’s hat and get involved in some Mexican cooking – I hope you like it spicy! I’d quite easily “spend a pleasant summer in New Mexico,” sipping on Tequila cocktails. This is Breaking Bad territory so *insert inappropriate Jessie Pinkman quote here*.

From here America is your oyster so hop on over another state. This will take you “deep in the heart of Texas”. Austin’s where it’s at if you love live music, and they love to ‘Keep Austin Weird’ so you’ll definitely get to experience the culture of the locals. Hamilton Falls should also be on your list if you find yourself in Houston. Why not work your way all the way back to the East Coast? If you know America, you know where you’ll want to go from here. If not, you know who to ask. There’s always a new experience to be had in America; I don’t think I’ve quite been ‘everywhere’ yet but I’m going to keep on trying!

If you’ve not been ‘everywhere’ yet, check out our awesome US tours like the Best of the West or the Coast to Coast Road Trip Eastbound. Think you’ve seen it all? Tell us your favourite states and sights in the comments below!