Take to the air and hop around Oz

Australia is big. We mean really big. It’s the largest island in the world, wider than the distance between London and Moscow, has 10,000 beaches and produces 1.35 trillion bottles of wine a year (no wonder 50,000 people a week over stay their tourist visas!).

The sheer distances in involved can be daunting for travellers wanting to see more of the country and not everyone has 3 months to drive around its 567,338 miles of roads. One way around, or over, this is to grab one of our exclusive multi stop tickets! Here are a couple of route ideas…

Take to the air and hop around Oz

The long way round

Perth > Melbourne > Hamilton Island > Sydney – Fr £309

With flexible international tickets there’s no reason you cant start in Perth and work your way across to the East Coast (in fact flights into Perth are often cheaper than any others into Oz).

This route not only includes a stop for culture vultures in Melbourne but a cheeky diversion up to Hamilton Island – and with scenery like this we see why you’d take the time to visit.

Hamilton Island

Make the most of the coast

Melbourne > Tasmania > Sydney (overland to) Brisbane > Cairns – Fr £219

The East Coast of Oz is a classic Ozzy route and with this flight plan you have the chance to cover the ground between Sydney and Brisbane overland before heading up to the tropical paradise of Cairns. And Tasmania? Trust is, it’s pretty.

See. Pretty.

Sand and Gold

Perth > Darwin (overland to) Ayers Rock > Sydney > Gold Coast – Fr £289

The route from Darwin down to Ayers rock is one of the most iconic journeys in the world. With this flight route you can choose how to cover the ground (we recommend the famous Ghan train) before jetting off to see some city life in Sydney and on to relax (or party) on the Gold Coast. Bliss.

Remember these routes are just ideas – you can tailor your trip to suit your time and budget. What you do on the ground is up to you (though we have some suggestions!) but when it comes to the Air we can get you there. Sorry.

Fancy hopping around Oz like a proverbial airborne kangaroo (we reckon there’s a proverb about that somewhere) then check out these Virgin Australia multi stop tickets exclusive to STA