23 reasons you should go Island hopping in Fiji

Now, we don’t think you’re really going to need a lot of convincing on this. Whether it’s the breathtaking Mamanuccas or the seeming endless swathe of the Yasawas (they’ve got some great names out there) Fiji is quite simply paradise on earth.

With all this to explore and no boat of your own (we’re assuming – we may be wrong) a trip to this area can seem quite daunting. But where as in Oz, Nz and Latin America you can jump on a hop-on hop-off bus, Fiji has it’s own version with the hop-on hop-off Yasawa flyer. Jump on, sit back and explore your new favourite part of the world.

Fiji beach

23 reasons you should go Island hopping in Fiji

Undiscovered places

These off the beaten track islands don’t feature on any normal itinerary.

1. Tavewa
Tiny island with no landing jetty, no roads, electricity (sporadically) provided by generators and an amazing backpacker vibe. This is a side of fiji you wont find at any resort.

2. Yaqeta
A taste of isolation for those who like just a little touch of luxury, stay in one of the beach front bures (bungalows), explore the island by Kayak and visit the local village.

3. Kuata
The only “hotel” on this island is Kuata Natural Resort, a locally run basic back packers where walking is the only way to get around and where a trek to the top of the volcanic summet above the bay proiveds a beautiful view of the Yasawas

Famous Faces

4. Castaway
Although Tom Hanks’ long haired, Wilson loving, stranded FedEx man claimed to have been lost near the Cook Islands, the movie was actually filmed on Monuriki island in Fiji.

5. Blue Lagoon
You’d be forgiven for not remembering this 80s tale of two teenagers trapped on a deserted island – but the location of film in the far north or the Yasawa peninsula was beautiful enough to stick in your mind.

6. Reality shows
From Celebrity Love Island to Survivor to Celebrity Treasure Island to Beauty and the Geek – so many reality shows have taken Fiji as their backdrop. On second thoughts please don’t let that put you off.

Culture Vultures

7. Kava
There aren’t many places in the world where you can drink the pounded residue of a root vegetable mixed with water which makes your mouth go all tingly and be participating in an ancient cultural ritual with deep social and spiritual connotations rather than just ending up in the veg patch after a bad night out. (What?)

8. Church on Sundays
Fiji is in some ways a very conservative society and on Sunday most activities stop so the island residence can attend church. It’s well worth taking some time out of your beach time to attend and witness the local rituals.

9. Fire dancing
Part ancient cultural tradition part classic tourist fodder, no matter what you may think of the reasons behind the current popularity of fire dancing, the sight itself is truly spectacular.


10. Daily departures
Speaks for itself really, no matter how isolated the island beach you’re sunning yourself on is from the outside world, there will be a boat coming past once a day to pick you up, drop off more travel buddies, or just to wave.

11. Flexible
Whether it’s 4 nights or 20 nights, there’s an option to suit your budget and time frame. (Sorry there’s not a “sack it all in and stay here forever” option. We’re working on it.)

12. Meet people
“Would you like a drink?” is obviously one of the best conversation openers in the world. “Oh my god look where we are we’re the luckiest people on earth would you like a drink?” is infinitely better.

13. It would take 15 hours to swim
…so really a boat does make sense.

In the wild

14. Swimming with the Manta rays
A real once in a lifetime, make sure you plan your trip between May and October if this is on your bucket list.

15. Flying fish
Because they’re fish that can fly and that’s cool.

16. Diving
One of the best places in the world to dive with the chance to see reef sharks, turtles, octopi, squid and even the large carpet anemone – which is as cool as it sounds. Probably.
Fiji diving

Get active

17. Underwater caving
A trip to the Sawailau Caves can at times be frightening (like when you’re being asked to get under the water and “swim towards the light”) and totally awe inspiring (like the entire time).

18. Flybording
It’s the jetpack you were always promised, on water. Honestly nothing we can write will do justice, Google it.

19. Tube cruise
Ok it’s not that active, but the promise of a sunset tube cruise might just get you off the beach and that counts as active. Relatively.

Hungry for adventure (or just hungry)

20. Food all in
On many Fijian islands you can’t just pop to the local shop to pick up some bread, there is no shop! Though at first this may seem a little irksome it does mean that you can surrender yourself to all inclusive, Fijian style, which in many of the backpacker haunts means three buffet meals a day made from simple, delicious local fare all served literally on the beach.

21. Fish fish fish
When the ocean is two steps from your table it really doesn’t get any fresher.

Fiji Lovo

 Fijian Lovo, courtesy of Lynne on Flickr

22. BBQ
Fijians take BBQs seriously and the Lovo is more of an all day event than it’s casual, slightly damp British counterpart. A hole is dug in the ground and fire is lit to warm stones that become red hot. The stones are then used to cook cassava, yams, meat, fish and anything else you fancy. It’s totally delicious.

The views

23. Honestly

fiji view

Photo courtesy of Kyle on Flickr
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