6 Travel mistakes the Inbetweeners made in Oz, and how to avoid them!

We admit there are some obvious mistakes from the epic Inbetweeners 2 movie that we’ve missed out – after all everyone hates spoilers. For the benefit of those who’ve seen it let’s just say they included fire-side singing, sunburn and EVERYTHING that happened at the water park. Everything.

But believe it or not there are lessons from the lads that all travellers to Oz and beyond can learn from, whether we plan on being total idiots or not…

 Really. Everything.

6 Travel mistakes the Inbetweeners made in Oz, and how to avoid them!

Thinking there’s such a thing as “proper” travelling

There are as many ways to travel as there are travellers. Whether you choose hostels, hotels or a tent, jumping on a bus, boat or plane, eating at local dives or swanky joints, stick to the East Coast or head further afield, everyone who chooses to leave behind the familiar and seek out adventure is a “proper” traveller. Even you Will.

A massive backpack does not a traveller make


That one’s not true but it is well worth learning some of the lingo before you get out to Oz, or you could end up ‘lairin it up’ 50 ‘Clicks’ from ‘Woop Woop’ wearing nothing but your ‘thongs’. Which may or may not be a good thing. We’re not sure.

Driving anywhere in a car

Now this one is down to personal taste but we reckon if there’s a few of you and road trips are your thing grab a camper so you’ve got your bed and wheels sorted in one swoop. If there are less of you you’ll meet more travellers on the bus than sat in a car slowly building a simmering resentment towards the one currently driving/not driving.

Thinking the outback is like your back garden

Classic mistake this one, but the outback is actually the size of mainland USA and has a population of less than 700,000 so the likelihood of someone coming across you if you get lost is pretty minimal. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go explore, The Ghan from Darwin to Adelaide via Uluru through the heart of the outback is one of the world’s classic train journeys and Greyhound Australia has buses that run all over the place.

Beautiful and massive, a deadly combination.

Ditching your mates (or actually, not)

The ultimate faux pas. When you’re far from home, surviving mostly on Nutella and bread and trying to figure out what a dunny budgie is (it’s a fly, just in case that helps) everyone is bound to get a little antsy occasionally. Taking a deep breath getting some time apart can do wonders in the fight to save your friendship. However, if you take that time and still really believe you’ve made a mistake when choosing your travelling companion it could be time to get it out in the open and move on. After all they might be just as miserable as you and who knows when you’ll get another chance to experience everything the world has to offer.

Getting drunk on goon

Ok, we’ll be honest, you’re not going to avoid this one. No one ever has.

Want to follow the Inbetweeners to Oz? Pack your backpack (briefcase) and get ready because Queensland is waiting for you…