The Inbetweeners 2 Guide to queensland

Hot on the heels of The Inbetweeners 2 trip down under, here are the lads’ top tips and advice on how to get the most of your time in Queensland Australia! Read on for priceless pearls of travel wisdom. Or something.

inbetweeners 2

The Inbetweeners 2 Guide to Queensland

Fraser Island

Simon says:
“I liked Queensland a lot. I noticed there were a number of beautiful women there, though they didn’t notice me but that’s okay (I’m used to that now). My dad went when he was younger – which apparently he once was, not that you’d know it – and so he told me to visit Fraser Island. For the first time ever – and I mean ever – he actually gave me some decent advice. It’s a mental fun place, but also quiet and very still and beautiful in parts. Somewhere to reflect and think about things. Like ‘why did my Dad ruin this incredible view of this perfect inland freshwater lake by telling me about the time he went skinny dipping in it?”

We say:
Fraser Island rocks our world too, especially the 4×4 self drive safari which means you can get out to the best bits of the Island in style.

fraser island

Fraser Island 4x4


Will says:
“I think the diversity of Queensland was what surprised me the most. It’s a huge state and you get everything from cool little beach towns in the south, to the wild, tropical rainforests of the north, to the barren but beautiful outback in the west. If I could recommend just one place to go, and this is really hard, it would be Brisbane. Especially South Bank with it’s amazing urban beach, the art galleries and great restaurants.”


 Brisbane's South Bank

We say:
Eloquently put Will, the South Bank is pretty special. Great place to try some famous Aussie seafood and kick back before heading out to a party on the Gold Coast. Speaking of which…

Gold Coast

Jay Says:
“Alright, listen up. If you’re travelling to Australia, you have to go to Queensland. Reasons? One word – the Gold Coast. If you like endless golden beaches, great steaks, cool towns, banging nightlife and amazing surfing, you’ll love the Gold Coast. If you don’t, then you’re a twat and I’m wasting my time with you.”

We Say:
Well, um, quite Jay. We’re not sure where to go with this…maybe Neil will have some words of wisdom.

The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier reef

 It's a fish. Any idiot knows that.

Neil says:
“Visit the Great Barrier Reef. When you look at the sea it looks all blue and that, but actually it’s clear and you can see through it when you go scuba diving, which I did. It was mental. They’ve got these pipes and things that mean you don’t die underwater and after a quick lesson – main tip; you don’t have to hold your breath – I was under the sea swimming around. But here’s the thing they don’t tell you – STUFF LIVES IN THE SEA. Not just fish, any idiot knows that, but like there are all these coloured rocks that are actually alive and they attract big worms and crabs and that. It sounds gross, but trust me, you have to try it.”

We Say:
We have nothing to add.

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