A photo diary of an Indonesia adventure

Today’s blog comes from the winner of our photography competition we ran earlier this year John Crux. He embarked on his tour of Indonesia in June and (unsurprisingly) came back with some killer photos.

Originally from the UK, I’ve been regularly travelling on different adventures around the world for over five years now. 50 countries in, I’ve amassed a library of around 50,000 travel images, one of which was lucky enough to be selected as the winner of STA Travel’s photography competition earlier this year! This gave me the opportunity to join an adventure tour through Java to Bali in Indonesia. Having spent a few months in Indonesia in 2009 and deciding it was one of my favourite countries, I was very eager to get back there, and so in June I started my first G adventures trip which was a great experience!

I’ve always been better with images than words so I’ll let the photos do the talking.


Borobudur temple, Java

Below is our tour guide, Hendri. He was so enthusiastic about everything on the trip, when he got to the National Monument in Jakarta he even sprinted up all the steps.

G Adventures guide

On the third day we visited the small city of Cianjur in Java where we got to learn about the tea making process and meet some of the workers involved. This lady had the arduous job of carrying heavy sacks of leaves out of the fields so they could be sorted in to different grades of tea.

Cianjur tea plantations

Half way on the hike to the top of Mt. Bromo we saw this man and his horse offering rides for those struggling in the final stages. Fortunately the clouds parted for just a few moments so I could get a portrait of the two in their surroundings with Mt. Batok in the background.

Mt. Bromo

We had some terrible bad luck with weather at Mt. Bromo, unfortunately we mainly only saw cloud for both sunrise and sunset. I took this at the top of the crater rim after hiking up a few hundred steps only to find nothing but views of thick clouds.

Mt. Bromo

At the base of Mt. Bromo they use these special Bromo Jeeps to transport all the tourists across the moonscape style terrain. I snapped this one a few moments before being covered in a cloud of dust.

Mt. Bromo

One of my favourite parts of the trip came right near the end with a day snorkelling at Menjangan Island off the north coast of Bali. It was a welcome rest from all the hectic cities in Java and gave the group some time to stop and smell the sea.


John’s pictures are from the 15 Java to Bali adventure tour. You can see the full itinerary here or take a look at all the Asian Adventures including India, Thailand, Vietnam and more.