Emily the Cricket Nut Goes Nuts for Adelaide Oval Internship

Earlier this year, we sent 8 lucky winners to complete exciting internships in South Australia. Our final blog is from Emily who worked at the iconic Adelaide Oval cricket ground as a Sports and events intern.

Beach life

During my placement, I stayed a mere 20 minutes from the Adelaide city centre and right next to an idyllic, white sand beach (literally seconds away)! It was paradise – and we mostly had it to ourselves. Every weekend I would run along the beach and the boardwalk often ending at a café where would have cakes and ice cream. Well we did run there after all!

I was there in September which is Ozzy spring but it was better than most of the UK’s summer! The sun was always out and it’s amazing to see what the it does to your frame of mind in the morning. It instantly made me excited for what the day would hold and it was a nice change to the sort of weather I normally see in September.

Adelaide Oval

Working at the Adelaide Oval was a dream come true for a cricket fan like me. It’s such an iconic venue and it was great to get to work at a well-established company like SACA (South Australian Cricket Association). The sport culture in South Australia is so refreshing. It’s like a religion. They are so proud of their sports teams, it’s great to see.

The Oval itself has a rich history which was maintained through the stadium regeneration. The iconic scoreboard is known worldwide and it’s still all updated manually. I can’t imagine how hot it must get in there in the middle of summer during the test match! If you’re interested in cricket history (What? Just me?) you can take a tour of the grounds and back rooms and discover all the hidden secrets.

Working at the Oval

The four weeks spent with various departments at SACA was a great way for me to be able to see how different parts of the company operate. Week one with the media team and I was involved with the player’s interviews, helped deliver press releases, took backstage photos and even took over the Twitter account for a week. I got to interview Chadd Sayers (who players for the Redbacks) and Megan Schutt, who is a Scorpion but recently broke into the Australian Team which was incredible.

My second and third week were more office based and behind the scenes look at operations. I had to pinch myself as I was allowed to sit in the World Cup meetings! As a cricket nut it was an absolute privilege to see it from this point of view.

My final week was with the Game Development team. That was great fun and really special as I was able to visit the clinics, help coach the kids and teach them basic cricket drills. Helping train the Redbacks under 14 development team as they prepare to join the academy was a fantastic opportunity.I have to admit, it was pretty funny watching the under-five’s try to hit a six! Some potential Ashes players there no question

Dinner at the beach

After university, the grown up world beckons and I will have to get a job. And it’s true what they say, that stock standard qualifications are no longer enough. People want to see that you’ve had life experience and can stand on your own two feet without the security blanket of university! As well as getting international experience I got to live in one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited. I was so close the hustle and bustle of the city and the idyllic, peaceful beach at the same time…what more could you want?

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