Travel Resolutions for 2015

It’s that time of year again. You dust off your old habits, take a good look at your life and decide…you know what? I’m pretty damn awesome. But I could probably change the odd thing. Just the odd one mind you, otherwise it might affect the awesome.

With that in mind we’ve got some travel resolutions that will help make your journeys in 2015 a little more interesting and, more importantly, they’re easier to stick to than the “New Nordic” diet. Trust us.

Travel Resolutions for 2015

Fly less

All right, you’re probably not going to walk to LA, Bangkok or Sydney. But when you get there try and resist jumping on the flight to Koh Samui, Melbourne or Vegas, instead take a look at the overland options before flying over the best bits.

Not only is the view out of the window of the car/train/truck/bus/tuk tuk/boat sometimes spectacular (the Gobi Desert at sunset will stay with you forever) but take the night option and you’ll probably save yourself a few bob on accommodation too. Not a night tuk tuk obviously. That would be terrifying.

Go local

Interpret this one as broadly as you will but what we’re getting at here is that homestays and little local digs are amazing. Instead of a soulless room with air con so you can pretend you’re at home, wifi to contact home and a TV so you can watch everything you left behind, you could get a beautiful place in a family house where you sip morning tea watching the sun rise over emerald rice terraces before the mum of the family cooks breakfast. (True story.)

And air con. Because Bali is hot.

Try something new

We all know you should try to eat local when you travel, as much for the price as the flavour, but it can still be tempting to reach for something you’ve heard of (we’re looking at you nasi goreng, empanadas and kebabs).

If you’re not confined by any restrictive dietary requirements try going for at least one dish you’ve literally never heard of, even in your deepest nights of googleing. Even better, pass the menu back and tell the guys to bring you what’s best (set a budget if you’re worried). After all, they’d know.

Though sometimes we know only a seafood Laksa will do

Go small

The world is so big it can be tempting to think you can’t do anything without at least 6 weeks and £10k…just not true. Go for a weekend, use your Bank Holidays (book early), spend a week in Morocco or two in Laos. Think how much you can do in 14 full days somewhere! Don’t convince yourself you’ve not got the time just find the right trip to fit the time you’ve got.


On that note it’s so easy for us in the UK to overlook the gems of Europe that are on our doorstep. How long do you think it takes to fly to Rome? Two and a half hours. Seriously. You’ve probably spent more time than that online today. Poland? Less that two and a half. Lisbon? Less than three.

Even with all the fannying around involved in air travel, with online check in and larger hand baggage allowance it’s never been easier to streamline your trip and fit more into less.

Just a short hop away

Go solo…again

This was on last year’s list but we thought it was well worth bringing it to the front of our minds again. It’s becoming so common for intrepid adventurers to head out into the world solo that you’re not going to be alone for very long!

When you’re out there you’ll find yourself joining a group to rent a car to somewhere amazing you’ve never heard of, being invited to join 24 hour ring of fire sessions on interminable train journeys, pairing up or just enjoying the beauty of the world in a little peace an quiet (all true stories). If you’re still worried a small group adventure can give you just the confidence you need to get on the plane.

After all, you'll never be totally alone. Someone's got to take the pictures

Just Go

What it comes down to is, in 2015, just go. Got no time? Europe. Got very little money? Eastern Europe. Got two weeks? The world is your oyster. Got no one to go with? Go anyway. Don’t wait for someone to make your travel dreams come true – only you can do that.

If you’re going big check out our multi-stop flight routes. Going small? Europe’s calling. Going anywhere? Start here.