Top tips for getting hired at BUNAC's Summer Camp recruitment fairs!

Summer Camp Directors are crossing the pond to join BUNAC for their London and Manchester Summer Camp Recruitment Fairs and want to hire YOU! Join them on Sun 25th Jan in London and Tues 27th Jan in Manchester to learn more about summer camp from alumni and staff who live and breath summer camp and get your summer plans sorted!

Katie got hired as a horse riding instructor at a summer camp in Connecticut by joining BUNAC at one of their Summer Camp Recruitment fairs. Find out more about how she got on, on the day…

Why did you attend the Camp Fair?

I had been thinking about applying for Summer Camp for a while and the fair just seemed like a really great opportunity to find out more about the programme and meet some real life American camp directors face to face as well!

What was the day like?

It was really informative and well-organised and it was great to meet other people who were as excited about applying for summer camp as I was. Everybody was encouraging each other and the atmosphere was buzzing!

How did you impress the summer camps?

I had good horse-riding skills (which is a very popular activity at camp) and some experience of working with children before, but I was also very enthusiastic and made sure I put a lot of effort into writing my application form.

What did you enjoy most about the day?

It was great to meet lots of other people in the same boat as me and I also really liked hearing about the different camps from the camp directors themselves. It really brought the dream to life a bit more.

Did you get hired on the day?

I did indeed! I was hired by YMCA Camp Mohawk in Connecticut as a counsellor and horse-riding instructor and I loved it so much that I went back another 5 times after that and eventually ended up as the Riding Director. Going to the camp fair was the best decision I ever made!!

Kick start your summer and come and join BUNAC at their Summer Camp Recruitment Fairs in London on Sunday 25th January and Manchester on Wednesday 27th January. Give them a call on 033 3999 7516 to book a spot.