South Africa’s Garden Route: Know Before You Go

Today’s blog comes from STA Travel’s very own Trish Black who works in our Arizona office and recently spent time on South Africa’s Garden Route.

So you’ve read the guidebooks, Google image searched your heart away and have decided that this South African Garden Route thing sounds pretty good. Now what? Fortunately for you, lucky traveller, we’ve been there, and have a few tips and revelations for you before you go….

Garden Route landscape

Natural Beauty is Everywhere

Anyone who grew up watching The Lion King may well have an image of a baby Simba being held aloft over the desert landscape pop into their mind whenever they think of Africa. However, though there are definitely places on the continent that resemble Pride Rock, the Garden Route is far more green and lush than you’ve imagined.

Garden Route

Anyone who asks if you prefer to vacation in the mountains or by the sea has clearly never been to South Africa! From the fresh, misty rains to the vast sky filled with stars at night, photos truly cannot do justice to the landscape.


The beer is awesome

South African wines are world famous, and with good reason; vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see! But what might surprise you is just how good the local craft beers are. Breweries like Birkenhead, a charming place on Walker Bay Estate in the Western Cape, offer a great assortment that can be hard to choose from (Ed note: don’t choose, try them all with a sampler tray). Afterwards, clear your head exploring the grounds which are surrounded by soft, rolling hills in every direction.


Meet the Big Five

Be prepared to get up close and personal with the wildlife! You’ll hear a lot about South Africa’s “Big Five”: the African elephant, the black rhino, cape buffalo, the African leopard and the lion. The sight of a herd of elephants being led by their matriarch and crowding around to protect their young will take your breath away.


Spend the day driving through Addo Elephant Park, seeing these beautiful creatures roaming free in their natural habitat, and you will never want to see them caged up in a zoo again. The landscape is dotted with private game reserves, where rhinoceros, a dazzle of zebras (yes, that’s what a group is called) and giraffes roam free among the antelopes and wildebeests, protected from those who would harm them. Through reserves, sanctuaries and preservation initiatives, these unique and incredible animals will still be here for generations to come.


That tiny dot in the very centre of the picture is STA's own Ashley Ish, on her first bungee!

Get Your Blood Pumping

South Africans love their adrenaline. Surfing, zip lining, black water tubing, rafting, skydiving and the world’s tallest bungee are just a few of the heart-pounding things to do along the Garden Route. If bungee isn’t your thing, even the bridge walk to cheer on your brave comrades is not for the faint of heart!

Bonus Tips For Your Trip

The weather can be as varied as the landscape. Light rains in the afternoon can clear up to a warm night skies, so definitely pack your waterproof wind-breaker. For you adventurous types, bring a pair of lace-up tennis shoes that you don’t mind getting ruined, as you will want to have your feet covered should you go tubing or rafting on the river. . Lastly, a good playlist (break out your old ipod, service can be spotty when driving through the countryside so don’t rely on apps like Spotify or Pandora) will come in handy during long drives through this magnificent country. Relax and enjoy the scenery, South Africa is like nowhere else on earth!

If Trish’s tips have you reaching for the waterproof wind breaker check out fab flights with South African Airways and get ready to lose your own preconceptions.