Five Reasons You Should Visit the Perhentian Islands

Today’s blog comes from STA’s James Greenslade who has left his Aussie homeland for a few months to taste the British summer. Warning James – it often tastes of rain.

You know that incredible dreamlike location from The Beach? Well the Perhentian Islands are Malaysia’s very own version, without the Lord of the Flies vibe. With a landscape you don’t usually see outside Instagram, it’s a perfect chance to escape the city smog, #nofilter needed.

Ready to embrace the tropical island lifestyle without the being stranded part? Read on for five reasons why you should add the Perhentian Islands to that ever growing must do list.

Five Reasons You Should Visit the Perhentian Islands

Hidden Away

Only 40 miles from the Thai/Malay border, the Perhentian Islands manage to provide the best of both worlds: a hidden tropical paradise which is still relatively close to both the mainland and transport links. Essentially paradise without flying for hours to reach the closest big city (we’re looking at you, Fiji). From Kuala Lumpur it’s a quick flight up to Kota Bharu, followed by a beautifully scenic ferry ride from nearby town, Kuala Besut to the Perhentian Islands.

Rustic Charm

Forget the towering and intimidating hotel complexes and base yourself in one of the relaxed, down to earth beach shacks scattered throughout the islands. Soak in both the clear, azure water and the beach bum vibe.

Plenty to see and do

Adrenaline hunter? Scuba diving, snorkelling, jungle trekking and kayaking are all on offer. Party animal? Forget pretentious VIP club nights and lounge around on the beach as you drink and dance the night away around a fire.

Cuisine from your front doorstep

Treat yo self with the deliciously fresh seafood caught quite literally from where you’re eating. Steer clear of the big resort hotels and search out the little cafes and local food stalls for authentic Malaysian cuisine. Mmmm we can taste the satay already.

be the envy of your friends

You’ve been there, we all have. You’re scrawling through your Facebook newsfeed and one of your friends has checked into an island paradise with a photo of them indulging in a Sex on the Beach. Set yourself apart from and venture out to islands they haven’t seen or possibly even heard of before. It’s your turn to return the favour and be the envy of your friends.

The Perhentian Islands are just one hidden gem in the box of treasures that is Malaysia! Find your adventure here and discover your own private paradise