Jack Wills and STA Travel Want you…again!

In 2014, STA Travel and Jack Wills teamed up to search for bright young people achieving extraordinary things. Our very own CEO John Constable helped judge the “Endurance” category, which considers sportsmen/women, adventurers, travellers, explorers, pilots and hitchhikers. The winners received £5000 towards their chosen project as well as mentoring opportunities and a photoshoot…because everyone likes to show off.

And this year? We’re ready to do it all again! Read on for the low-down on last year’s winners, some top tips from John himself, and all the details you need to enter in 2015.


Who is a Young Brit?

An inventor, a creator, a performer or a pioneer…a Young Brit is any 16-25 year old British citizen who has demonstrated excellence in their chosen field. There are 8 awards across the categories of Innovation, Creativity, Endurance (the best one) and Enterprise.

Last year’s Endurance winners, Nia Jenkins and Tom Rainy, truly encapsulate the adventurous and restless spirit that STA Travel was built on.

Tom is just starting his adventure, rowing from New York City to Salcombe Harbour to try and raise a quarter of a million pounds for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of his dad. Nia, an alpine skier from Norwich, describes herself as “a small sport girl from a small town” but is hoping her grant will help her on her way to the big time.

Behind the scenes

Interested? We sat down with Endurance judge (and STA boss man) John Constable, for an insight into what this year’s hopefuls should consider when entering.

John has spent his entire life immersed in the world of travel. By rising through the ranks at STA Travel, he managed to land the top job at the iconic youth travel company. Having always believed in the power of travel to enrich lives, he is recognised throughout the industry for his work in helping others start their own adventures.

So John, you’re back! What made you return for year two?
The talent on display at last year’s competition was incredible. I’m looking forward to hearing from this group of creative young people who are pushing boundaries and taking risks.

What do you think is special about the “endurance” category?
There is a lot of technology today that, whilst an enabler of everything we do, has made it very easy for people to sit still. Successful people don’t wait – they move out of their comfort zone. This year I’m looking for someone who has persevered through ups and downs, put in hard work and pushed boundaries to accomplish something great

Any tips for this year’s applicants?
Success isn’t just about achievement – it’s about inspiring others too. Show your peers that you’re passionate about what you do, and that enthusiasm might catch on and stir up the next big idea.

Ready to enter?

Could we be looking for you? To qualify you must be:

• Aged between 16-25
• A British citizen
• Able to demonstrated excellence in the field of Creativity, Enterprise, Innovation or Endurance

And that’s about it! As long as you meet the above criteria almost any project, idea or challenge will be considered. The only limit is your creativity, your enterprise, your innovation and, of course, your endurance.

You can find out more and get your application in here, you have until the 18th June to enter. Good luck you adventurous thing you.