5 Amazing Things to do in Chicago

Right, let’s get one thing straight from the beginning: Chicago ain’t that windy. It’s not the windiest city in the USA, it isn’t even particularity windy on any known scale of windiness. Sorry.

What it IS however, is a vastly underrated metropolis chock full of attractions, sights and, most importantly, pizza. So much pizza. Read on for 5 tips to make the most of your trip.


Love it or loathe it (and if you loathe it, who are you? Seriously? It’s like cake covered in cheese and sauce!), deep dish pizza is where it’s at in Chicago. There’s much debate over where the best pizza in the city can be found, though it’s generally agreed that the original was invented at Pizzeria Uno (now Uno Chicago Grill). With dozens of lists of “best” pizza restaurants, fiercely fought online battles amongst various loyalists, and more choice that you can shake a gorgeous piece of golden crust at, there’s no real option here. You’ll have to try them all.

Beer Tasting Tour

Need a drink to go with your pizza? Chicago takes beer almost as seriously as the deep dish and many of the local breweries run tours where you can sample the product as you see how it’s made. If you’d like to take in more than one type of tipple, a walking tour of the city’s bars and pubs might be more your style.

Get festive

Image courtesy of Fuzzy on Flickr

Lollapalooza, Blues Fest, Taste of Chicago, Chicago Jazz Festival, Windy City LakeShake…the list goes on! Chicago has over 200 festivals, events and celebrations this year alone so you’re bound to catch at least one. Lollapalooza in particular is a brilliant event with line-ups to rival Download or Glastonbury, and a massive variety of music to suit almost any taste.

Millennium Park

No list of Chicago highlights would be complete without the inclusion of this popular park and, crucially, it’s “Cloud Gate” sculpture, more commonly known as “The Bean”. You’ll recognise it from almost any film set in Chicago, any picture of Chicago and even the odd video game.

Hit the beach

The beach? In Chicago? Yep! Situated as it is on the shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago has over 26 miles of public beaches. Illinois Beach State Park is great for camping and hiking, Kathy Osterman Beach is famous for it’s clear water and North Ave. Beach is the place to be seen as the most popular stretch of sand in the city.

Hungry? You should probably head to Chicago! United have brilliant fares to the (not so) Windy City, so loosen your belt and get ready to fulfil your deep dish dreams.