7 Things Not to Miss in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is a crossroads. A metropolitan melting pot where east meets west, island-life meets the mainland and tradition meets modernity. Look hard enough and within the high-rise buildings you’ll find little gems of architecture including Chinese temples, colonial residences and even the odd zoo. Oh and the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator, but more on that in a minute. Then there’s Kowloon, an urban sprawl that seeps out into the New Territories before connecting to Mainland China. There are also over 200 outlying Islands that can only be accessed by boat. Despite all of its diversity many people rush through Hong Kong, spending no more than a couple of days in the city before travelling onward. Take your time, no need to rush.

Here are our top seven things to do in Hong Kong:

1.Walk the Dragon’s Back.

A well-known local hike that – depending on your starting point – can end or begin on the beach at Shek O. When on the beach stop for Thai food and find a paddle board from a local to SUP on.

2.Camp on Tai Long Wan

Hike it if you’re feeling energetic, jump on the MTR and bus if you’ve eaten too much dim sum the night before. Eat in the little basic beach restaurant, hire a surfboard and wake up at sunrise to a panoramic ocean view.

3.Go out

Wan Chai, Lan Kwai Fong and if you’re feeling adventurous, Tsim Sha Tsui. Why? Because you have to, it’s Hong Kong. Ladies, check out which bars are doing ‘Ladies Nights’ where you can drink for free. We’re not saying it’s fair… just don’t forget to drink responsibly.

4.Explore Central

The Central Business District has lots of well-known stores, but the best thing to do is meander through “The Lanes” that sell everything from dried fruit to fancy dress. Once you’ve stopped for some noodles in a Dai pai dong, head to the escalator and just take it up to the very top (Conduit Road). Then walk back down (it only goes down in the morning) or hop on a mini bus that will take you back down to Central or to the Star Ferry terminal. Lantau is a great Island with so much to do and explore. Everyone visits the Big Buddha,but don’t miss out on Tai O, a traditional fishing village built on stilts.

5.Take the long road to Stanley Harbour

Jump on the 6A bus from Exchange Square and enjoy the route as it takes you over to the south side of the island through Repulse Bay and ending at Stanley. Once there walk through the touristy market, buy a cold drink, and sit on the harbour wall feeling smug about knowing all HK’s little secrets.


Eat at one of the seafood restaurants. Some of the restaurants will provide a free junk to take you there and back if you book in advance. Go in the evening so you can see the famous nightly laser show over the skyscraper skyline.

7.Other Hong Kong must dos

• Go to the Races at Happy Valley on a Wednesday Night • Go up to the Peak (preferably by the Peak Tram) to take in the view • Go to the roof of the IFC mall and enjoy being able to take your own drinks • Go to one of the many museums in Hong Kong, especially the Heritage Museum (currently featuring Bruce Lee). • Just Go.

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