Top Tips for a New South Wales Road Trip

Taking a road trip in New South Wales is pretty much like taking a road trip anywhere…except better. Why? Oh just some of the best scenery you can shake a gear stick at, seemingly endless beaches, national parks the size of small countries (we’re looking at you Belgium) and the friendliest people around.

Here are some quick tips to help you make the most out of your road trip.

Stock up with snacks

Grab your water and other drinks from supermarkets instead of getting them from the service stations on route. You will save a ton of money and not get dehydrated on route. Tim tams help with hydration right?

Get a comfy ride

Sometimes it works out better to pay slightly more and go for a campervan with a gas hob and a fridge. You’re far more likely to cook this way rather than on a camping stove, which means fewer pricey meals out.

Take a map…and forget it sometimes

It’s important to have a route planned, especially with so much to see on the roads of New South Wales. Remember though, if you stick rigidly to the plan and never take the odd turning just to see what’s down there, you could miss out on some real hidden gems.

Know your stuff

Get some kind of camp-sites directory as the myth that ’you can camp anywhere in Australia’ is just not true. In fact you can get fined hundreds of dollars if you’re not in a designated campsite. Don’t let the loss of dollars ruin your trip!

Plan breaks from each other

Now, we don’t want this to sound negative, but in all honesty spending hours and hours in a van together will get to you a little bit. Be sure to plan time along the route where you can go exploring solo, have a coffee, read a book by the sea and chill out. Getting back in the van will be oh so much sweeter.

Play it cool

The air conditioning in your van may be great, but leaving it running all night is not really an option. Do not head out without a small desk fan to get you through the long hot Australian summer nights.

If New South Wales sounds like the place for you, start your adventure by checking out cheap flights to Sydney, working holiday starter packs, surf lessons and more! Bonzer.