Your 60 Day Adventure Questions Answered


Good luck to everyone who entered, we’re reviewing the videos and Round 2 will open shortly!

Are you a repressed adventure junkie, idly playing with your camera phone at home and wishing that summer could last forever? Well, we might just be able to help with that…

So What Is It?

60 Day Adventure is one of those competitions that doesn’t come along every day, or even every year. It’s your opportunity to win an adventure in Sydney, Australia where you will live and tour around Sydney and New South Wales, try out a bunch of amazing activities and be an ambassador for everything Aussie for two whole months!

Sounds good, how do I enter?

This is not a small prize, so we need to make sure we’ve got the right person for the job. You’ll need to complete the following 2 steps:

Step 1: Submit a video, no longer than 60 seconds, to the 60 Day Adventure competition entry page telling us why YOU and no one else should be our 60 Day Adventure winner. We’re looking for originality, passion and a sense of adventure!

Step 2: Three video entries will be selected and their creators asked to send us “Your best travel shot” – one amazing travel photo. These will be uploaded onto our Facebook page and the entry with the most likes by the end of the competition will win!

Any other requirements?

Yes. As you’ll be working in Australia you’ll need to meet the minimum requirements for an Australia Working Holiday visa. This means you need to be between 18-30 years old at the time of travel with no criminal record, and satisfy all other requirements to gain a working holiday visa.

You’ll also need to have be happy using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have a full, clean UK driving license and be available to travel between 15th October and 15th December 2015.

What exactly do I get for all this?

We’re so glad you asked.

Basically? Everything above plus spending money. The chance to try your hand at film-making and social media marketing. The chance to be an ambassador for one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The chance to try things you may never have imagined yourself doing. A real, proper, adventure.

What’s in it for STA Travel?

In return for all of this, we’ll be asking you to show off Sydney and New South Wales in all its glory. You’ll be expected to:

  • Record a weekly video diary
  • Post daily on social media from your adventures on the road
  • Be based in our Sydney backpacker store one day a week, take part in live Q&A sessions & talk about events
  • Write weekly blog posts about your travel experiences

There are a few other requirements including training days, codes of conduct and follow up video diaries – you can read about it in full here.

60 Days is great but…can I stay longer?

We understand that, for many people, getting a working holiday visa in Australia is a once in a lifetime experience which you’ll want to make the most of. Because of this, we’ll be happy to help you book flights for a longer stay or extend your flights at the end of the 60 days. Any costs incurred because of this, as well as any accommodation/living expenses after the 60 days have ended, will need to be covered by you.

I’m in, now what?

You have until the 17th August 2015 at 14.00 to upload your video entry and be in with a chance to win this once in a lifetime prize. Good luck, and may the best adventurer win!