5 New Zealand Hikes You Have to Experience for Yourself

Around 4.5 million people live in New Zealand. To put that into perspective, in the UK around 8.5 million people live in London alone. Which means New Zealand has a lot of empty, open space and, even more importantly, that open space is really quite beautiful.

A simple equation tells us that not many-people + beautiful open space = perfect hiking opportunities. Throw the fact that Kiwi land is peppered with breathtaking lakes, out of this world mountains and some wonderful coastlines, and there’s really no reason why you’d want to explore any other way than on foot.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Follow the yellow brick road to New Zealand's best hikes | Image by chris.murphy

Five of New Zealand’s best hikes

1. Feel the (Route)burn

Pushed for time? Take a look at the Routeburn Track. With treks ranging in length, from half-day to 3 days, it won’t put a big dent in your trip, and what it lacks in duration it makes up for in scope. Gigantic mountains, huge valleys, gushing waterfalls and glistening lakes are the order of the day on this route, which spans two of New Zealand’s national parks in the South Island. Climb to the top of the Harris Saddle, the highest point of the trek, for some 360 degree panoramic views. Surely views like this are the reason that hikes were invented.

2. What’s that Sound?

It’s billed as New Zealand’s most famous walk, and it’s easy to see why the travellers have been walking the Milford Track for decades.This 5-day trek through the South Island’s Fiordland National Park will have you ambling over suspension bridges and zig-zagging along mountain passes, past New Zealand’s tallest waterfall, Sutherland Falls.

Milford Sound

The hills are alive with the Sound of Milford | Image by wanderstruck

Happily, the destination is just as rewarding as the journey – you’ll finish your trek at the almighty Milford Sound, the country’s famous fiord. It’s allegedly the wettest place in New Zealand, but don’t let that put you off; many claim that when it rains and the water creates temporary waterfalls cascading down the mountains. If you’re pushed for time “compromise” with a  full day tour of Milford Sound itself.

3. Cool as ice

Had your fill of greenery? Then it’s time to hit the ice. Easily accessible from Christchurch, the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers will take your breath away. Grab your ice pick and crampons (those spiky things that slip onto the bottom of your hiking boots), and join a tour that will have you scaling ice walls and sliding through ice tunnels.

Not a woolly mammoth in sight

Round it all off by chilling out (or warming up) in the Hot Pools. You can take on the glaciers on loads of our adventure tours.

4. The long way round

In it for the long haul? Then take on the ultimate challenge and hike the entire length of New Zealand. Te Araroa (literally “the long path”) is the route that will take you from Cape Reinga in the north, along the coast, through forests, over volcanoes, past national parks and mountain passes right down to the South Island. If you tackle 25km a day, then the walk will take you around 4 months but it’s more common to take between 50 and 80 days for each island. If you’re not up for pushing your feet to the limit, you can stick to short sections of Te Araroa – like the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, for example. Which leads us nicely on to our next hike…

5. A sense of impending doom

It’s known as the best one day trek in New Zealand, and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the North Island definitely lives up to the hype. This hike will take you across a remarkable volcanic landscape.

emerald lakes

Emerald Lakes at the Tongariro Alpine Crossing | Image by Rosino

It’s not for the feint hearted, but the steep climb to Mangatepopo Saddle will all be worth it when you’re rewarded with some stunning panoramic views. The stench of sulphur reminds you that the volcano is still very much active, but the sight of the Emerald Lakes should take your mind off the smell. These water-filled craters are a mystical green colour, and will take your breath away. Still got some energy left? Then take on the 3-hour climb of Mount Ngauruhoe – aka Mount Doom.

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