How STA Travel ended up with a music platform and at Bestival!

Today’s blog is by Tor White, Global Creative Director STA Travel, music lover & adventurer.

Between you and I, we are all always half in the office and half way out exploring the world

Ever walked down the street and heard a vague riff that took you straight back to a road trip with your mates? Or missed your stop because a tune on your iPod had you daydreaming about your last snowboarding adventure? It’s the same with us.

Music and travel are inextricably linked – they both take you away. Music is one of the first things that helps you to travel beyond your bedroom walls. And then when you’re old enough for your first backpack, it’s those unforgettable tunes that tie you to the places you visited and the friends and strangers you met.

We swapped our backpacks for record bags, and launched our first side hustle: a music platform!

To create the ultimate adventure playlists, we’ve partnered with the extraordinary Jamal Edwards and his SBTV crew to launch our own digital musical platform: STA Travel Sounds. Where each month, we bring you the best unsigned musical artists from around the planet – exclusively to STA Travel Sounds.

This also gives us the opportunity to do another thing we love to do: working with amazing talented people to help them get reach more people and places. Things kicked off this August with this…

And this

We connected travelling + music = festivals using the following complicated formula

This was a proper “eureka” hit by a falling apple in the bath moment, not dissimilar to Newton OR Archimedes.

Travellers love music, as well as the following: cans of cider, tents (mostly), not washing enough, eating exclusively at food stalls, living out of a capsule wardrobe, waking up thoroughly confused and upside down in sleeping bags.

Festival goers: apart from a more immediate use for flowered hairpieces and wellington boots, love the same.

So we asked Bestival (a multi-award winning 4 day music festival with a 60,000 strong crowd on an island in the UK) if we could come to the Isle of Wight and build a hostel

And they said yes! So we filled the STA Travel double decker bus with a motley crew of Travel Experts, STA Travel Sounds musicians, DJs, a yoga teacher, henna tattooist, face painter and a drumming circle; and drove to the Isle of Wight.

And then when we got there, we built this.

What then followed, was this…

Complete with bunk beds, hot showers, fancy toilets and bacon sarnies; eight lucky competition winners got to stay here.

We then added a ping pong table, an Emirates Lounge with a flat screen & bean bags, and a fake goldfish called Jeremy; opened up our bus for chilling and experimenting with Virtual Reality headsets… and invited EVERYONE at Bestival to come in and play.

Outside, we built a DJ booth and stage for the most talented acts from STA Travel Sounds, the incredible Skinny Living and Harry Clarke, and our friends including Passport to Stockholm’s Barny also graced the stage.

People came from far and wide (from their tents, nearby) for FREE morning yoga, henna tattoos, face painting, temporary tattoos, sunnies and hand sanitiser.

Then a man, dressed as a Bavarian (we think) came every day and drummed to a frenzied crowd of psychedelic priestesses, feathered chieftains and a man dressed as a chicken.

And then when the sun went down, this is what happened…

So, that was the story of how STA Travel ended up at Bestival 2015. It was our first festival, but won’t be our last, watch this space!

Big love to everyone who stopped by to see us, we had an absolute blast and can’t wait to see you next year (if not sooner…)

Our STA Travel Sounds stars and friends Skinny Living put this video together of their time with us which we think sums things up nicely:

Peace, Love and Adventure
STA Travel X

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