60 Day Adventure Week 3: waves and whales

This week started off with an epic Jet Boat ride with Oz Jet boating around Sydney Harbour. It was a perfect day for this activity: nice and warm, blue skies. Arrived in the afternoon and was straight into one of their massive waterproof red ponchos: I had a feeling I might get a little wet, but this confirmed it! In we all got and off we went.

Started with a nice relaxing cruise out of the harbour and then the g-force suddenly kicked in and the engine roared. Wow, what a feeling! I’ve never been so fast on the water before and just as you hit full speed the driver puts his hand in the air and counts down with his fingers: 3, 2, 1.. He puts full lock on the steering wheel and you fly around a 180 degree spin, stopping with a huge wave made by the turn flying over your head. Soaked but awesome!

Before I had time to wipe the sea water off my face we were off again, swerving and dodging all around the Harbour. The driver’s hand goes up again… You know what’s coming. Brace yourself and boom! 180 degrees, seemingly zero-g turn followed by the wave over your head to confirm you’ve actually stopped. And off we go again! I loved every moment of it. The only down point was that it had to come to an end.

Eye of the tower

The next day I was excited to venture up to the highest point in Sydney: the Sydney Tower Eye. Once again, I was lucky enough to be awakened by another spectacular day in the beautiful city of Sydney and a perfect day for the Sydney Tower Eye. There are a lot of different things to see and do up here: restaurants up top as well as the sky walk, which takes you outside to the very top and gives a real feel for how high you actually are. I kept it simple and headed to the ‘observation deck’. Up there you get a complete 360 degree view of the city; I don’t know where else you’d find a view like that. Lots of binoculars too so you can really see far into the horizon. Really worth heading up there indeed.


A whale of a time

This was the day I was greeted for my whale-watching tour by a man dressed in a complete Captain Cook costume. Not a bad way to start the day! I do love how much time I’m spending out at sea at the moment.

Boarded the Captain Cook Cruise with all the other excited visitors and we set sail. Straight out to sea; in fact we ended up stopping just out from Bondi Beach, where I’d previously had my surf and paddle board lessons. And so we waited… All gazing out to sea just waiting for a glimpse of these massive, elusive mammals. Suddenly I spot a huge mist of water shooting out of the ocean, followed by the tail end of a giant whale. Yes! We found them.

More than one, too. One even leapt out of the ocean, breaching and making the mother of all splashes on re-entry. Incredible to see them in their natural habitat like this. I have to say I never get sea sick, but after two and a half hours of bobbing I I was glad to get my feet on dry land again. I was pleased we saw the whales – great success!

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