60 Days In Sydney & New South Wales

Well there we go, my epic 60 day adventure of an absolute lifetime has come to an end. I can’t believe it was two months ago today I arrived in Australia – it’s gone by in a flash! So, on this last blog, I thought I would run through all my highlights and a few tips for your future adventure around Sydney and New South Wales, ‘Straya.

Top three experiences:

Barrington Tops, National Park
I stopped at a retreat called Twistops, a chalet/lodge on the side of a hill where there’s a sense of peace and tranquillity that’s just amazing. No phone signal and no WiFi but who cares. You can go tubing (or fishing!) in the stunning Barrington River, take part in archery, bush walks and horse riding. There’s so much to do, even just sitting and taking in those spectacular views is enough.

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp, Arrawarra
I was lucky enough to spend a few days here, including a remote river camp night! The whole place did it for me, it was like its own little surf oasis. They even had the massive beach all to themselves so there was no chance to crash into anyone while you were learning.

Go Loka
The Loka Tour has to be in my top 3. It’s such a great way to travel, instead of just getting a huge boring bus from A to B, you jump on a cosy mini bus with lots of other eager travellers, stopping at all these epic places while you head to your destination, including Barrington Tops and Spot X in Arrawarra. It not only breaks up the long journey into manageable fun chunks, but you get to see all these places you otherwise wouldn’t. You become like family with the people you travel with too and don’t get me started on the Loka staff! They are just all down to earth people with a passion for travel and socialising.

I couldn’t travel without…

My camera
I’m a big photography enthusiast and to be able to look back in years to come at all these epic moments I’ve had in time is priceless.

Good quality travel speaker.
The power of music is amazing and its power to bring people together even more so.

Sounds really simple but I don’t know what I’d do without it: my daypack. It goes in my big backpack when travelling, but when you get to a city and want to go exploring it’s so handy. Water, food, camera, sun cream. I highly recommend getting a good daypack for any trip around the world!

Top tips for travelling in Sydney & New South Wales:

Plan ahead!
Especially around Christmas & New years time. You can’t always rely on just turning up and plus no traveller likes that wandering around with that massive backpack on trying to find somewhere that has availability!

If you’re driving a camper up the coast make sure you always have a large supply of water on board and fill up regularly. Sometimes you can drive for hours without seeing a gas station and you don’t want to get caught running out of fuel on those long open roads! Have you seen The Inbetweeners?

Get a guide
I would recommend buying a Lonely Planet book for either Sydney or the East Coast. I love having one of these wherever I go and usually read a lot of it before I actually get to the destination. Great way to find little tips on food, accommodation and other little hidden treasures.

Top tips for getting around:

I actually started using Uber during my stay in Sydney. Sometimes, after you’ve walked 3km from your hostel to a station, then taken two trains and then a bus, Uber doesn’t actually work out much more expensive. And not having to lug your massive bag around, arriving to each location sweating buckets, seemed well worth it to me. (Other taxi firms/apps are available)

Car pool
Always ask and look around to see if anyone is driving long-distance in their own car or camper. Usually the driver won’t want to travel alone and if you split the fuel cost it’s cheaper for everyone!

Keep it green
When using those trusty old legs to get you from A to B just remember that it’s illegal to jaywalk in most big cities so beware and wait for that green man!

Top 3 Aussie Slang:

Avo’ = Avocado
This is the one I use the most.

Avo’s in the Arvo
If you want to get really technical and you’re having avocados in the afternoon

No Dramas
I just love the saying “No Dramas”. Short, simple and you know exactly what it means. Just how I like my life – no dramas mate!