Straight Outta Melbourne – Meet Adam Partridge

Hey, I’m Adam (@adampartridge), 28 from the South Coast of England. I love exploring my county whilst riding my bike and taking pictures of the amazing places I see. I come from Dorset which is known for the Jurassic Coast, it is an extraordinary stretch of coastline which is a good hundred million years old, There’s many natural rock formations to be found and also you can go fossil hunting on the beaches too. So I jumped at chance to visit the Great Ocean Road in particular as there many similarities to where I come from.

I went to Victoria state 12 years ago as I have family here, and I’ve definately been longing to come back properly armed with a camera. There is so much beauty to capture here, sandy beaches, spectacular roads and energetic cities and I cannot wait to explore it in the ‘proper way’ – road tripping in a camper van. For me that is the only way to get the full experience.

I prefer to take pictures either in the early morning or late afternoon as the harsh sunlight can affect the way your final image will look. The best time is an hour before sunset as you’ll naturally get those warm colours and unique shadows that will make your picture extra special.

I believe I have a good eye for composition and try to stick to the rule of thirds – for example two thirds landscape and one third sky within the frame. I love to edit in a way that give my images a unique style and enable the audience to view the image in a different way.

I cannot wait for this trip of a lifetime and I will be snapping away left, right and centre to showcase the natural beauty of the coast and the vibrant city of Melbourne.

Here’s to good times, Cheers.

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