Straight Outta Melbourne – Meet Hannes Becker

Capturing the beauty of nature in an image fascinates me again and again.

My name is Johannes Becker, a freelance outdoor and landscape photographer from Germany who is passionate about travelling. I have had an account on Instagram under the name @Hannes_Becker for the last 4 years and I share my impressions on this portal daily. With my photos, I try not to simply document my excursions in nature but to incorporate into the photography my personal interpretation of what I have experienced. In order to inspire the viewer and convey what has happened in as realistic a manner as possible. I place particular importance on the composition and mood in the image.

One imagines the image vertically and horizontally as well as in three sections and positions the motif on these lines. This makes the image looks harmonious to the eye, as though it were arranged by accident. I generally position people in the image in such a way that they appear small in the landscape, thus creating a sense of scale between the person and nature, and the landscape looks more dramatic.

Very often, it is good to look for a suitable framework for the motif or a complement in the foreground. This could be plants, trees, or even people. This relationship between the foreground and background in the image creates a certain three-dimensional feel and gives the image a more interesting look.

Yet sometimes, and especially when travelling, there is not enough time to consider the composition or lighting, so intensive preparation forms part of every trip. Before the trip, I mostly spend hours, if not days, researching what cool spots the country has to offer and what the weather is expected to be like, but you cannot rely on that. Instead, you should run through all possible scenarios in your mind.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about Melbourne and Victoria, and have picked a lot of spots for myself. I am very excited and can hardly wait to see the Twelve Apostles with my own eyes and capture them in a photo. The possibility of going on a road trip and sometimes camping in places makes it easier to capture the perfect lighting. The early hours of the morning, in particular, impress me time and time again. When the world is waking up in the early morning, the light is unbelievably clear and clean. The landscape is free of people and, when I am woken by gentle light, grab my camera and go for a wander, I can concentrate fully on the photography.

I never would have expected to end up travelling and learning to love travelling due to Instagram.

My first trip also took me to Australia and I can now hardly wait to go back there.

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