This one time, STA Travel gave away 100 return tickets to Bangkok for £49!

At 9 am today, we opened the doors to our London Victoria and Birmingham Corporation Street stores giving the first 49 customers the chance to snap up a return flight to Bangkok for £49! A massive congratulations to our customers who got their hands on these golden boarding cards.

STA Travel London Victoria Store

First winner of the £49 return ticket to BangkokQueuing for the £49 return ticket to Bangkok at STA Travel London Victoria Store

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For everyone that grabbed a ticket – here are some top tips before you go!

1. Eat off your spoon, not your fork
2. Show respect for Thai customs by greeting locals with the Wai (placing palms together and your chest and bowing your head).
3. People don’t stand in lines. Thai’s form crowds. (get used to a lack of personal space!)
4. The people are really that nice, and although speak English – great them with a couple of lines of Thai; Sa-wat dee (hello and goodbye), Khop koon (thank you) A-roi (delicious)
5. Take tuk tuk’s in the day and taxi’s at night
6. Hungry? Hit the street. You’ll find an endless amount of incredible dishes. You can expect to pay 30 – 50 baht per meal (around $1-2).
7. This. Is. Thailand, how backpackers and expats describe Thailand. If something happens that boggles your mind, remember T.I.T)
8. Don’t mention the King.
Our biggest piece of advice to all would be travellers, embrace the nation’s attitude Mai Pen Rai (Don’t worry about it), after all you’re in Thailand!
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