9 foods you HAVE to eat when in Germany!

Its not just about the sausage. Well, it is a lot about the sausage but not all. You’re about to get VERY hungry…


Kaesespaetzle der Klassiker

Image: einfach-schnell-gesund-kochen.de

The German equivalent of mac ‘n’ cheese, made from soft egg noodles. Spatzle is the pasta part and the Kase is the BEST part aka the cheese. Yum.

2.Schwarzwälder kirschtorte

Schwarzwalder Kirshtorte

Image: www.bbcgoodfood.com

Pure chocolatey, cherry, creamy indulgence. Calories don’t count on holiday.



Image: www.iga.net

Obviously when in Germany eat a sausage or a wurst. But don’t stop there, cover it in a special tomato curry sauce and BAM! you’ve got a taste explosion.



Image: www.chefkoch.de

Seriously, they love a sausage, so much so that they’ve made a salad out of it.

5.German Bread

German Bread

Image: www.jamieoliver.com

Pumpernickel… well that’s fun to say! A traditional form of German rye bread, tasty, healthy and really filling.



Image: hff.limited

Like a pretzel but BETTER.



Image: www.youtube.com

Basically a tender steak wrapped around bacon or pork belly, chopped onions, pickles and mustard. Mmmmm.

8.German Bier

German Bier
OK not technically food but when in Germany, drink beer and lots of it, especially at Oktoberfest.



Image: www.pinterest.com

Again not strictly a food, but it’s an incredible mix of coco-cola and orange soda – what’s not to love?

Guten appetit! You seriously need to try some German sausage for yourself. There’s honestly NOTHING like it.