5 MASSIVE reasons to head to Sydney for Christmas & New Year’s

Did you blink? Unfortunately in that time you may have missed the mysterious phenomena known as the ‘British Summer!’ Yes, we are grateful for the few glorious days we received here and there… but we’re still not convinced we got our monies worth on the giant paddling pool we purchased from Argos on that hungover Sunday!
SO, basically… we demand more sun. Avoid the dark British winter for a sun-fueled trip that also includes the BEST Christmas and New Year’s EVER! There’s only one place that will didgeridoo the trick… Sydney, Australia! See why below…

1. New Years Eve fireworks

Sydney’s fireworks are world famous for a reason… because they are quite simply BREATH-TACULAR-ZING! (We admit, that is not an actual word, but it’s hard to describe how breath-taking, spectacular and amazing they really are!)
Last year, $7 million was spent on the dazzling display and Sydney welcomed 1.5million spectators to the amazing Harbour city.
New Year’s admittedly brings out our soppy side… and with the added effect of watching the best fireworks in the world whizzing over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, it’s pretty hard not to well up and send a cheesy ‘I wish you were here, love you so much’ text to all your friends and family back home! For those that can’t pace themselves and handle the goon, luckily there is a 9pm display, which is a tasty starter before the ginormous main meal! It really is an experience that you’ll never forget.

2. Christmas day BBQ on the beach

Hold on… I know some of you Crimbo traditionalists may have shrieked ‘but Christmas should be spent at home eating turkey and watching Home Alone by the log fire.’ We feel you, BUT you have to try at least one hot Christmas and there’s no better place to try it than Sydney. Take a disposable BBQ, grab some ‘snags’ (Aussie slang for sausages) and a beverage or 2 and head to the beach. When you start to sweat like a pig in a blanket, jump in the ocean to cool off. Ideal! End your Christmas day with a stunning coastline walk from Bondi to Coogee, which features several awesome beaches along the way!

3. Carols in the park! Australia’s largest Christmas concert – for FREE!

If you Crimbo traditionalists are still not fully convinced, then this one will surely win you over. In true Christmas spirit, Sydney puts on Australia’s largest Christmas concert, for FREE! Celebs and musicians such as Hugh Jackman, Delta Goodrem and even the Hoff have been known to rock up and perform Christmas Carols, as Sydney folk and tourists’ sing-along with their candles in festive cheer! The Christmas spirit takes over ‘The Domain’ on Sunday 18th December. Don’t miss it!

4. Christmas Eve boat party

Too much festive cheer and not enough festive beer, you say? Well, head down to Darling Harbour and book yourself a Christmas Eve Party Boat. (Tip: There are a few options so maybe don’t ‘dive’ in to the first offer you see.) This is an amazing way to celebrate Christmas Eve with your friends as you sail around the beautiful harbour, under the bridge and around the Opera House. A lot have fancy-dress themes, so get involved, enjoy the tunes and a few drinks, but try not to go ‘overboard’… you don’t want to ruin the next day’s Christmas BBQ!

5. New Year’s Day – Field Day Festival

So you’ve just had one of the best New Year’s Eves ever; you smashed the celebrations in true backpacker style and witnessed fireworks so good you almost hyper-ventilated! New Year’s Day is USUALLY a write-off, but not this time. Write-offs do not exist down under!
So how do you carry on celebrating the festive period in style? Two words… FIELD DAY! A music festival in ‘The Domain’ (where you sang carols remember?!) that is known for its super-friendly atmosphere and quality line-ups mixing hip-hop, house, indie, and electronic artists from around the world. Get involved.
There’s snow way you’ll forget all the festive fun you’ll have in Sydney.
Millions of people from around the world head to the beautiful Harbour City especially for this special time of year. Accommodation can go fast, check out our great offers HERE before it’s too late!.