Surf's up in Bali

Written by Adrian, the surfer dude of AU head office.

My surfing is like Zoolander, I don’t go left. Its not that I am against it, I just grew up on right handers. I also grew up in a wetsuit. Two things that you don’t get when you’re surfing in Bali.

There’s not too many places better suited to a surfer than Bali. Its cheap to live, its got great bars, the waves are world class and the waters warm. Its surfings heaven! Well until you fall and scrape your back on live coral heads and have to disinfect the scars by rubbing limes and their juice all of them.

image by @surfdaysbali

There’s an endless amount of waves to suit any type of surfer in Bali. Their’s the dumpy closeouts of Kuta and the Legian stretch where your beginner skills are really only good for filling in the time between breakfast and lunch whilst your partner sits by the pool or goes shopping. There’s the hipsters who think their getting away from it all and surfing pumping peaks at Canggu before their juice cleanse and afternoon at Potato Head in their sawn off denim shorts. Finally there’s the real stuff, the long lefts of Uluwatu, Bingin and Padang Padang that motor down the cliffs of the Bukit giving surfers the best warm water barrels on the planet. I’d talk about some rights on the other side of the island but lets not give everything away!

image by @uluwatusurfvillas

The Bukit is an amazing place and was once little known about in Bali other than it had some hand built warungs on the cliffs and the monkeys loitering around the Uluwatu temple looking to steal anything they can. Now it’s a hive of bars, hotels and restaurants giving everyone perfect sunsets, perfect waves and a perfect reason not to have to go to Kuta and get yourself a lame Bintang wife beater. You feel like you’re going back in time when you walk down the concrete steps to the waves, paddle out through the cave at high tide and score perfect waves every day. You’ve got a day of surf and a night of sunsets, beers and fun.

image by @ricardo.barbato

Get yourself to Bali, get yourself out of Kuta and get yourself a seat at the rail at Single Fin bar in time for sunset.