Top 10 tips for travelling to Bali

Palm-fringed beaches, secluded islands, ancient temples and lush green jungles – it’s no surprise you’re thinking about hopping on a plane over to Bali. So, how can you make the most out of your trip?

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1. First up, it might sound obvious but research and plan, even if it’s just a little bit.
It’s different if you’ve got a while there and you can just spontaneously research as you go, but if you don’t have a lot of time then talk to people who’ve already been – they’re the best source of info. Or read blogs like this… well done, you little researcher.

Bali currency

2. Don’t be that person who shows up to the airport without your rupiah – you’ll get stung if you try to exchange your £’s there. You’re in the 21st century, get some kind of travel money card – no stress, no wandering around with what feels like a million £’s in your bag (when you get your rupiah you’ll know what we mean). Just put it on the plastic. £100 = 185,2647 rupiah. You will literally feel like a baller.

Bali weather

3. Make sure you know what weather to expect. Bali has a tropical climate, so no matter when you go, it’s going to be warm. But it has two distinct seasons:

Wet season = October to April
Dry season = May to September

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Best time to visit Bali

4. We’ll take a guess here – we’re assuming you want to visit Bali outside of monsoon wet season? If you’re not too bothered about a bit of heavy rain for about an hour a day, then this is a great time to avoid the crowds. Dry season is May to September, but it’s also peak tourist season. If you’re a surfer this is when you want to visit, as it offers the best waves.

Bali hotels

5. Stay at a few different hotels in different areas to get the full Bali experience. You’ll experience a lot more culture staying further inland and explore the different areas. Kuta for surfing and partying, Ubud for yoga and jungle, Seminyak for shopping and glam feels (and Potato Head Beach Club, of course).

6. You can get a seriously great hotel for a seriously low price in Bali. No need to slum it here. There are so many hotels you can stay at with almost all of them being safe, practical and luxurious. Don’t think you have to stay at an expensive hotel to be safe, the affordable hotels are just as good.

Bali food

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7. Be a vegetarian in Bali – not only is it the safer option, but a lot of the restaurants and cafes in Bali serve mainly vegetarian and vegan food, and they’re all super tasty! If you are staying in Ubud go to Café Vespa, their meals are a 10/10 and very cheap.

8. Bali has the best coconut ice-cream in the world. If you are in Ubud you have to go to Tukies Café. They have remarkable deserts including coconut ice-cream and fresh coconuts to drink. Nowhere says paradise like strolling around sipping from a coconut.

Things to do in Bali

9. Be adventurous. The cost of everything in Bali is fairly low, so try those activities you have always wanted to do. Feel like you could be the next parasailing champion? Now’s the time.

10. Visit the other islands. If you have time plan a day trip or overnight trip to an island such as The Gili Islands, do it. Head over to Gili T for the parties, or Gili Air/Meno for total island seclusion. Plus, the snorkelling and diving around the islands is next-level.

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Now you know how to make the most of a trip to Bali check out our travel guide for more inspiration, flight deals, tours and more!