Feel the chill and meet the locals

Forget the regular bucket list destinations like Australia or America, it’s time to get polar! Things are about to get sub-zero as we show you what you could see on a trip to the North and South Pole.

P-p-p-pick up a penguin!

Not literally, of course, you’ll see these cutie patooties in their natural habitats!

Midnight sun

Prepare for epic landscapes across both poles and make sure to bring plenty of storage for all the photos you’re bound to be taking…


It’s not just penguins you’re going to see! This is an epic wildlife tour like no other with the potential to see seals, walrus and even whales! An animal lover’s dream!

Ice curtains

There’s nothing quite like the epic beauty of the icebergs, you’ll be feeling all kinds of chills looking at this!

Ice, ice baby

Watch as you navigate through ice floes and icebergs on your expedition boat, with the chance on some tours to hop off and kayak your way through the icy water!

Land of the bears

The Arctic is the best place to see these great and formidable creatures, if you’re lucky you might get to see them roaming their natural habitat, playing with their young or even hunting. Eat your heart out Attenborough!

If you’re still not convinced…

Penguins chicks have got to be the way to anybody’s heart! Just look at them! With our expedition team being comprised of historians, marine biologists and naturalists, you’re sure to get fascinating insights into polar life.



A trip to the Arctic or Antarctica is one that’s guaranteed to stay with you for a lifetime as you explore the breath-taking wilderness and see the local wildlife, so what are you waiting for? Join the MS Expedition and give David Attenborough a run for his money!


Images courtesy of G Adventures