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6 spots to get wet AND wild in Canada

A country that boasts more coastline than any other (202,080 km to be exact), Canada has a whole lot more to it than just snowy peaks. So, swap your snowboard for a surfboard, your ski jacket for swimwear and embrace long, light summers spent bombing into lakes, catching waves and relaxing on boats in the sunshine. We’ve rounded up our favourite water-bound locations to make a splash in Canada… 1. Surfs up, TofinoCanada’s answer to the laid-back hippy vibes of Byron Bay. Whether you’re a beginner or looking for that next ocean thrill, Tofino serves it up and more on its beautiful 35km long beaches. And if surfing isn’t your cup of tea, why not break a sweat in the nearby hot springs?

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2. Forest bathing, BanffIt doesn’t get much more magical than basking in the sun surrounded by the forests of Banff National Park. Vermilion Lakes is a great spot to get off the beaten track and catch an ‘only person in the world’ moment.

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3. Rafting the Rockies, JasperIf you like your rivers rapid as opposed to calm and serene, get your white water rafting on in the chaotic currents of Jasper National Park. With river trip experiences for all levels, anyone can get involved and enjoy the jaw-dropping landscape of the Canadian Rockies.

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  4. Grab a paddle, Ontario Bass LakeWith over 250,000 lakes and 20{8105bc8a7da0e4ee2985a05e217cd0e1bef95b551bf8bafd62a449e444182173} of the world’s fresh water, Ontario offers a whole lot of kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding opportunities. Glide through the expansive waterways and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife in the nearby lush forests.

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  5. Spot the whale, Vancouver IslandFrom June to November head out on a boat tour and experience majestic Orcas, humpbacks, porpoises and pacific grey whales in their natural habitat. If you’re reeeally lucky you might catch a glimpse of a pod of orcas (sometimes in the hundreds), now that’s some serious #podgoals.

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  6. Ditch the snow water-skiing, Alberta You’re a pro on the powder but how’s your technique when you hit the lakes? If you’re wanting to try something new then give this adrenaline-boosting water sport a go. Warning! high percentage of face-planting. via GIPHY Sound like your idea of the perfect outdoor getaway? Find out more about Canada, super-tempting flight deals and adventure tours here >