Fiji Cheat Sheet

So, you want to know a little more about Fiji? We don’t blame you, just look at it! You’re probably imagining palm-lined beaches, coral reefs with clear lagoons and over 300 islands? Well, you’re bang on. I was lucky enough to explore several islands and yes, it is 100% as amazing as it looks. But here’s a deeper dive into what to expect from this South Pacific paradise.

BULA, it’s island time!

One of the most amazing things about Fiji is without a doubt the people. You’ll be warmly welcomed wherever you are with a beaming smile and a bubbly cheer of “Bula!” (If you didn’t guess, this is ‘hello’ in Fijian). If you’re a fan of colourful Hawaiian style shirts, get ready to be in heaven. ‘Rush’ may not be a word in the Fijian dictionary, but ‘go with the flow’ certainly is -chillaxing is what the Fijians do best, so you may as well join in!

Nadi and more

Nadi may not be the picture postcard paradise of Fiji you’re used to seeing, but it’s a good place to base yourself for a night and hit up an ATM before heading off to the islands. You have over 300 to choose from, so speak to backpackers, locals, staff etc. to get recommendations. If you have an idea of what you want, they’ll be an island to suit you – whether it’s diving, partying or relaxing. All requirements are catered for in beautiful Fiji fashion and you can easily sort out boat trips across to the islands.

Best route on a budget/time shortage

If you’re not in Fiji for long, two or three islands will do nicely. A popular route for those who only have five days or so is the Beachcomber to Mantaray Island route. Beachcomber is the tropical party island (best on weekends), where you can dance the night away in a beach bar like no other. There’s no fancy shoe policy on the door – mainly because the floor is the beach! Mantaray is amazing for diving, so book a Scuba Dive course or take your snorkel for some amazing underwater sights.

Kava (Definitely not Cava!)

Kava is the national drink of Fiji, known for its ‘relaxation effect’ (try it and you’ll understand). The drink itself is made from the crushed root of the native Kava plant, mixed with water.
You’ll hopefully experience an ‘initiation ceremony’, where you’ll be invited to sit cross-legged in a circle in front of the chief. The drink is passed around in half a coconut and once you’ve had a sip, you’re officially part of the Kava crew! It may look like puddle water, but it’s always good to embrace the local, er, culture?

Top tips

1. Two words. Duty free. Why, you ask? Islands don’t tend to have shops.
2. They have no cash points. So, get that dollar out in Nadi.
3. Embrace the island paradise and enjoy!

Everyone needs a bit of island time in their lives every now and then. It’s a slice of paradise you’ll never forget and certainly won’t regret. Tempted to find out more? Check it out, here