What to do if you fail your A Levels

Happy Results Day! Whether you scraped by, completely bombed it or are one of those secret geniuses who gets straight A’s and says they did bad (we hate you!), there are plenty of next steps for you to choose from.

When someone asks how Results Day went…

So dry your eyes mate and give these a gander.

Higher Education  

If you don’t get the grades you wanted or needed to go to Uni our top tip is: DON’T PANIC!

Plenty of people miss their grades, just prepare yourself for clearing and check out the places that are still on offer. Your teachers/ mum will be on hand to save you from bawling down the phone (we’ve all been there). You may need to defer and apply next year but hey that gives you time to earn some dollar, try something new, like hmmmm travel planet earth? (wooooop)

Get a Job 

Higher education not for you? There are plenty of jobs that don’t require a degree like firefighting, policing, recruitment, hospitality and sales. If you’re looking for high paid jobs then working up the ladder could be an option or go crazy and be a chicken sexer (separating boy and girl chickens – yep, it’s a real thing!) where you can earn up to 40k a year…

Gap Year 

A year (or more) of doing what you want, when you want really is THE dream. Taking a gap year is for anyone who did or didn’t get their grades and is a great chance to explore and travel before you commit to three (or four, or five, or six) years studying or a lifetime of work… Spend your gap year travelling to new destinations, trying new food, meeting new people and you’ll return home not just wanting to travel more, but feeling like a brand-new person. Sounds pretty sweet right? Fulfil your gap year dreams!

Work Abroad  

Want a gap year but worried about the funds? Then why not teach abroad with a TEFL qualification. These jobs are pretty common and well paid across Asia, but you can find them in Europe too if you want something a little closer to home.

Or, if you’re not fussy on what job you do, get a working holiday visa, fly to the destination of your choice (Australia, anyone?) and take on whatever job you feel like to fuel your adventures!


Internships look great on the old CV. They’re a great opportunity to try a job you think you might be interested in and get experience without committing full-term. You can find internships to tie into any interest from Harry Potter, animals or flower arranging, to conservation of the Great Barrier Reef! Speaking of which, we have a great opportunity to do just that! Keep your eyes on our Facebook feed for that…

Failing all of that, nobody will judge you if you want to spend a few days, weeks, maybe even months – ok no, months is pushing it – cuddled up at home with your 12 cats while you decide what’s next.

cats gif gap year travel
Enjoying life post Results Day

Remember that whatever you get this results day, your life is most certainly not over. In fact, you could say it’s just begun…