4 ways to get down with the locals in New Zealand

Want more than just a whistle-stop tour of New Zealand’s tourist attractions? Why not take your journey to a new level and get down with the locals!

New Zealand provides a copious amount of bewildering backdrops, inviting culture, flourishing forests, delightful people and second to none road trips. All of this also allows for social interaction and a scrapbook full of perfect, harmonious memories. So seek out a deeper and more meaningful interaction with New Zealand and its people as you get involved with the environment and those adventurous Kiwis.

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1. Charity work and volunteering. Provide a helping hand and sew back the seams in local communities. Working with charities like Red Cross will allow you to get hands on and emerge yourself into regional communities and the potential problems they are faced with daily. The projects are diverse and vary from aid work to fund raising, to disaster management and education programes. Gain new companions, honour and a closer insight to the kind natured people of New Zealand.

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2. Get social, get involved with the community. If you’re a fresh new fish to the New Zealand pond, here’s a top tip to take into consideration; Kiwis value practical action over words, as it is part of their pioneer heritage… So take it upon yourself to be immersed in social community activities. Art, sport, culture, and festivals are all part of many a local’s lifestyle, and they’re always keen to welcome in new settlers whether it’s for the long or short haul. Find organisations that will enable you to make lifelong friends, learn new skills and share social experiences with.

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3. Social Recreation

New Zealand with its labyrinth of magnificent mountains, enticing glaciers, and pristine lakes is also bigged up for its passion for sport (particularly Rugby) and heart-racing-adrenaline-facing activities. Turn these into social events, include the locals or even make it a weekly outing with your new pals. Go fishing, rock climbing or just join in with a mere spot of hmmm canyon swinging? For the sensitive souls, there is an abundance of art exhibitions, gigs, theatre productions and live music. Sounds like a dreamy lifestyle to us!

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4. Mini adventures/ regional activities

As explained previously, New Zealand is undoubtedly ‘choka’ with gripping adventures and easily made memories. However, it’s not just a haven for the adrenaline addicts out there, it’s also home to many beautiful regions with easily accessible day trips, offering an abundance of beauty and nature as well as historic culture.

For example, meet indigenous owners of Maori villages and be educated on the spiritual and welcoming nature of the local people, learn about their history, Haka and warrior training. Go solo or head there with fellow travellers.

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So why not give a little and gain a lot? We offer inspiration and guidance for every corner of New Zealand, including ways to make the most out of your visit and how to enjoy a social, rewarding outcome when living and travelling through New Zealand.