How to be a cheap flight booking boss

Pssst, want to know a secret on how to score some mega savings on flights? Here’s a helping hand on how to be a flight-booking boss.

Booking flights is an availability game.

Generally, the earlier you book, the cheaper your tickets will be. Airlines release their seats around 10-11 months in advance, and the cheapest tickets will always sell out first. The reason why flights are more expensive last minute isn’t because airlines put their prices up, it’s because clever (or just well-organised) people have already snapped up those cheaper tickets.

Book now, pay later.

Don’t wait to book until you’ve saved up. While you’re procrastinating/cleaning cars/ googling flu trial clinics, your flights are shooting up in price. Secure your tickets with a £49 deposit while they’re at their lowest, and pay the balance 10 weeks before you fly. ‘Future you’ is much better equipped at dealing with that kind of thing.

Plus, if you can’t be trusted not to blow all your flight money (yes the new iPhone8 is very pretty, no you don’t need to take it travelling), then pay your flights off a bit at a time. Think of us as your piggy bank.

Baby all I want for Christmas is a HOLIDAY!

What better gift for a birthday, acing your exams or Christmas than a contribution to your next trip? It’s not just YOU that can gradually pay off your flight or tour after putting down the deposit, family can also transfer money and help you on your way to holiday heaven.

Swipe right for the best dates.

The price of one-way, return, Round the World and multi-stop tickets are usually based on the date you depart the UK. It doesn’t matter that in July it’s winter in Australia and may or may not be raining, in the UK it’s summer (also may or may not be raining). And that means that people with nippers, teachers, uni students and sun chasers are all trying to escape the UK.

If you have flexibility on your dates, leaving in late June or late August, or even better May or September, could save you hundreds compared to flying out in July or August. Likewise, avoid December, January and Easter.

Fly mid-week.

Particularly when travelling to the USA, you’ll often pay a weekend supplement if you fly on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If you can, choose a midweek flight instead for a cheaper price and a better chance of a spare seat next to you. Spread outttt my friend, you’re in it for the long haul.

Fly indirect.

Is the extra £100 worth it to fly direct? That’s 70 Chang beers, after all. If your priorities are more beer money and ticking more countries off, then fly indirect and make the most of your transit to stretch your legs, rinse the airport Wi-Fi for Netflix downloads, check in with the fam and stock up on exotic snacks (Toblerone).

Or even better, turn that transit into a stopover. Most airlines will allow this for free, charging you just the taxes which are usually minimal. One of our personal favourites is the free stopover in Reykjavik on the way to New York with Icelandair. Nice!

Good things come in pairs.

Why not combo it up and snap up accommodation and flights rolled into one? Holiday packages will not only save you money, you can live a stress-free lifestyle knowing you have a bed (and a pool and a banging breakfast) ready and waiting when you get there.

Discounted student and under 31 fares.

Our famous BlueTickets have been flying the young and the studious around the planet on the lowest and most flexible airfares since 1979. The largest airline network for students and under 31, fly on exclusive discounted fares with the world’s leading airlines, including Emirates, Air New Zealand and Qatar Airways.

Holiday Addicts, globe-trotters and severe cases of Wanderlust (it’s hard we know)

Why have one holiday when you can have multiple? We hear you. With a list as long as a piece of string of places you HAVE to experience and an equally impulsive nature, lock in those flights and activities on a couple of must-see destinations all at once and deal with the cost later.

Giveaways and promos.

If you’re willing to join a queue (most Brits are, we’ve all seen Wimbledon and the Next Boxing Day sale) then look out for flash sales and promos. Recently, STA Travel gave away 49 flights at £49 to Thailand, £49 flights to Malaysia and £79 flights to New Zealand! Also, catch us at upcoming fresher’s fairs and you could win a BlueTicket for £500.


Now for the realllly hard part. Where to go? An alternative Christmas down under, the cure for January blues on a Bali beach break or hitting the slopes and skiing in Japan? Wherever you decide, take advantage of booking early (gloat to your pals after) and get that deposit down and flight secured pronto…