8 Things I did on Australia’s Nature Coast

Today’s post comes from Alison Nicholls from our Key Accounts team who travelled to Australia in October and spent 9 glorious days on the Nature Coast.

I already know what you’re going to say: “What the hell is a nature coast anyway?” Well, honestly, I wasn’t sure myself until I headed down under and travelled for 9 days along the most beautiful stretch of shoreline in the world (bold claim but I stick by it).

Australia’s Nature Coast is comprised of the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast which include such awesomeness as Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, Noosa, loads of vineyards, national parks and much much more! Read on for 8 highlights not to miss on your Australian adventure.

8 Things I did on Australia’s Nature Coast

Whale watching

We went from Fraser Island – jumping into a Quick Cat II and riding the waves trying to spot some sneaky cetaceans. We were lucky enough to see 3 whales up close to the boat – as you can see from the picture! It was absolutely, totally amazing.

Swimming in Lake McKenzie

Fraser Island is known for its fresh water lakes – the waters are so pure that it’s actually difficult for anything to live there! We took some time out to swim in the magnificent Lake McKenzie. It’s a hard life.

Warrior 4WD

(Yes this is the 3rd highlight from Fraser Island. It’s just that amazing.) There’s so much to do on Fraser. The beach is a highway so the only way to get around is in a 4WD vehicle. Dodging the waves and pesky dingoes makes it an adventurous journey.

Lady Elliot Island

Just getting to the island was an adventure. I caught a scenic flight on a plane which only seated 14 people, the views were amazing and I even spotted a couple of whales! Lady Elliot is surrounded by the southern most part of the Great Barrier Reef and my days were filled with scuba diving, snorkelling, guided reef walks and glass bottom boat tours.


Not only is the town itself beautiful, it’s also a great place to learn to surf. Honestly, I was a little nervous at first, but I was soon put at ease by the friendly instructors and even managed to stand up like I was a (wobbly) pro. Next time I need to learn how to exit the board more safely to save myself from fewer scrapes and bruises…

Kondalilla National Park

Named after Kondalilla Falls (which are totally stunning) the park is great for rainforest walks and nature spotting. We even stayed in tree houses – perfect for nature lovers and tree huggers alike. Forget your childhood memories of rickety wooden planks nailed to trees, these are luxurious cabins with modern kitchens, wood fires (risky?) and private spa.


What can I say about Caloundra? Breathtaking views of the glasshouse mountains, nature spotting from a kayak, adrenaline pumping jetski adventures, great beaches and incredible sunsets. Bliss

Food food food

My next meal is never far from my mind and the food on the coast never failed to disappoint. From fine dining at Michelin star restaurants (I know get me), to fish and chips on the beach in Calounda there is something for everyone. One thing I was initially apprehensive about was bush tucker tasting but, well, you can’t go to Oz and not give it a go can you?! I surprised myself by trying everything including emu, kangaroo and crocodile. It was not your average meal!

If stunning beaches, adrenaline, relaxing, nature, awesome food and views to die for are you thing (and if not who on earth are you?) then you need to head over to Australia! Why not fly in style with one of the World’s Leading Airlines, Etihad? You can fly to Oz from £695 return – how good is that?