How to survive a long-haul flight

If we utter the words ‘long-haul flight’ do your legs immediately seize up at the thought of sitting still for 4+ hours? But don’t stress, when you choose the right airline, you’ll feel like absolute royalty (champagne on arrival pur-lease). From one global explorer to another, here’s our survival guide on how to have an experience just as good as the adventure you’re about to embark on…

Put your comfy underwear on

Everyone’s got at least one pair of comfy pants that should have been chucked in the bin a long time ago, but for some strange reason, you cling onto them. This is their moment to shine.

Red red wine

Struggle to sleep on planes? There’s nothing a glass or two of the good stuff can’t cure. You’ll be snoozing in no time. Hiccup.

Nab the window seat

The window seat not only means epic views on take-off and landing it’s also the perfect headrest. AND most importantly you won’t be disturbed by peeing Paul who needs the loo every 2 minutes. Those sideglance evils are for you Paul.

Wiggle wiggle

If you have a fear of flying, we’ve got a trick that will keep you calm when turbulence occurs. Shake it like Beyonce! It sounds weird, we know. But jiggling your body replicates the aircraft movements so you won’t feel it so much. It works, trust us.

Pillow talk

Invest in a neck pillow! Sure, they’re not the hottest fashion accessory but your neck will thank you for it!

Beans, beans the wonderful fruit…

No eating baked beans at least 24 hours before your flight. Don’t become the phantom farter of the flight, that guy doesn’t deserve friends to travel with.

I’ve got the power!

Make sure your phone battery is fully charged before you take off. There will come a time during the flight after watching your fourth film when you’ll want nothing more than a game of Candy Crush. We can’t help you with level 47 though, sorry.

Don’t clock watch

Don’t ever check what time it is. It’s not going to make the flight go by any faster!

Aaaaand stretch

We’re not asking you to start doing yoga in the aisles, just make sure you get up every now and again and stretch your legs to help boost your circulation.

Take a toothbrush

The person next to you will thank you for it.

Don’t take off your socks

See above. Cheese feet.

Fly with Qantas

Qantas was recently awarded Best Airline in Australia/Pacific at the Skytrax 2016 Awards (well done, guys!) so you know you’re in for a treat. Fun fact: Qantas A380 is quieter than any other large aircraft with a reduction in take-off noise by half and a quieter cabin experience in flight so sleeping will be a breeze! And from March 25 2018 you can also enjoy a cushy little stopover in Singapore on your way to Australia! And with all these tips, from March Qantas can fly you there non-stop on their Dreamliner – the quickest way to reach Australia! Check out their flights here.