15 things travellers are thankful for

This week, we’re taking a leaf out of our American neighbours’ book and counting our blessings for all things travel, in honour of Thanksgiving. Not just the the serious (and amazing) stuff like learning about other cultures, but also the little things we didn’t realise were so amazing until we set off on our travels…

Free wifi – oh you beautiful thing – for when you’re lost on a side street in the middle of Bangkok with absolutely no clue


A plug next to your bunk – especially when you’ve lucked out and got a top bunk


7/11 toasties – because who needs authentic thai food when you’ve got cheese and ham goodness?!


Goon – giving travellers a good time for under $10


Suncream – because there’s nothing worse than being the classic Brit sporting a vest tan


Neck pillows – to avoid that awkward head nod when you’re trying to sleep


The hostel’s free food shelf – thanks for the free butter, Dave!


Happy hour when you’re in an expensive country


Large showers – where you can actually put your stuff AND have a shower!


Warm weather – basically anywhere but the UK then?!


English translations on food menus – because who wants to be surprised with a chicken head soup?!


Those pinch me moments – ‘am I really here?’


Countries that appreciate a good queue – because it’s not a free-for-all Sharon!


Late checkout – ahhh that blissful note on the back of your door that says ‘checkout at 12’