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48-hour fling with New York City

The Big Apple will always have the key to our hearts. You could spend a month in NYC and have loads left to see, but here are our top tips for enjoying New York in 2880 glorious minutes.

The dollar slice

Everyone loves pizza, and you can bet your bottom dollar that New Yorkers know how to do it best. Get yourself a slice of the good stuff from dollar slice vendors across the city. 2 Bros Pizza is a great shout for doughy goodness, but if you can spare more than one dollar for your dinner, then head to Joe’s – the institution in pizza magic.

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Hit the hood

The great thing about New York is that every area has its own vibe and its own claim to fame. Turn a block and you can feel like you’re in a completely different city. Head to Greenwich Village for intimate but metropolitan vibes and independent shops, or if you’re into class, sass and history, opt for DUMBO’s warehouse chic.

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You’ve got the evening to kill and yes, you definitely should go to Times Square at night even though it will be incredibly busy. But, once you’re done with all that, head to the Dead Rabbit, an amazing Irish Bar on Water Street for whiskey cocktails galore. If whiskey’s not your potion, there is a huge list of must-try bars waiting to be discovered!

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Yellow taxis Just how people make a big deal out of our red phone boxes, we make a fuss over the iconic yellow taxi. We don’t know why, but they just feel cooler, OK? Make sure to keep any taxi journeys short and sweet because it can get pricey, but if you want to live the blockbuster dream, then splash out on a ride across Brooklyn Bridge!

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Be a tourist Don your I <3 New York tee with pride, take photos every 0.2 seconds and flash your map like it’s nobody’s business. On a visit to NYC, you HAVE to do the Empire State Building. Go late for super short queues and panoramic views from 86 floors up.

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Also, don’t be a tourist Ok, don’t always be that guy… Even in just 48 hours, you can enjoy New York without running around like a headless chicken. Enjoy hidden New York, from the old City Hall station that you can see while on the 6 train back uptown, the beautiful Washington Mews or even a part of the Berlin Wall (who knew?!).

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Know your subway options

Granted, the London underground is much more manic than New York, so if you’ve survived that, you can survive the subway. However, we need to warn you that the likelihood of you getting lost either below or above ground is about 80{8105bc8a7da0e4ee2985a05e217cd0e1bef95b551bf8bafd62a449e444182173}. The good news is, the subway has Wi-Fi so make sure you load Google Maps to make sure you don’t start walking east and north instead of west and south…

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