6 must-visit destinations to celebrate Black Friday

In honour of Black Friday, we decided to turn the world black! Ok, not quite literally, we’ve just picked our must-see destinations that are, well… black. But if these places weren’t on your list before, we can bet they will be now!

Unwind on the sand

When you’re staring at your computer screen, imagining yourself on a lush beach, your first thought is golden sands, right? Well honey, we’ve got news for you! If you have never been to a black beach, you are missing out, especially when they’re as beautiful as Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach in Maui!

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Take a dip in the sea Back in the day we thought the Black Sea was black and the Red Sea was red, because who in their right mind would name something a colour when it’s not that colour, right? Head inland to the ancient UNESCO ruins in Nessebar after a day on the shore.

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Get lost in a forest

Ok so the Black Forest in Southwest Germany isn’t actually black… It’s a dense evergreen forest associated with Brothers Grimm fairy tales which I guess makes it pretty “dark” … Whatever the case may be, all we know is it’s pretty and has cute little villages and wait for it, VINEYARDS!

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Time to climb!

If you’d rather have your head in the clouds than hit the beach or the woods, then the Black Mountain in North Carolina could be for you. Again, the mountain isn’t actually black – but North Carolina as a state is one you need to have on your list for food, history and beaches.

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Time to dine!

If you want to eat in the pitch black, well, you can! Dans Le Noir, a restaurant where guests eat a surprise menu in the dark, is open in cities across Europe including Paris, London, Barcelona and Madrid. Enjoy a meal with strangers while gaining awareness about blindness and disability.

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If animals are more your style then head to North America for the black bear. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend getting too close, you’ve all probably seen The Revenant… But while you’re in North America looking for this guy in The Rockies, head to Banff National Park in Alberta!

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We’re sure we’ve given you plenty of food for thought for your next travel destination but if you’re looking for travel deals for Black Friday, lo and behold, we can help with that too!