Christmas gifts for the girl that loves to travel

Every year, Christmas comes and you’re left thinking up gift ideas for that travel obsessed mate or family member of yours because no matter how much you love them, you don’t have the budget to gift them flights to Australia.

So, instead, we’ve pulled together the perfect list of gifts for that person you know, whether it’s your friend, sister or daughter… And if all that is still not right, then give the gift of travel with one of our gift cards!

Point and shoot

Every traveller has a budding photographer within. Whether they’re good or not is another issue, but why not feed the habit?

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For the professional snapper… the ultimate in pro-chic cameras, a beautiful Panasonic Lumix G Compact Camera!

For the one who loves a keepsake… this cute Instax camera is sure to be a hit!

For the “this is for my insta” snapper… these clip-on iPhone lenses are a treat!

For the water baby… a waterproof casing for their GoPro so they can get great shots above and below water!


Time to power up!

There’s nothing worse than heading off to a far-flung destination and not having all the tech to make your trip the best it can be, whether that’s music and speakers or power packs for when you’re roaming.

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For the music junkie… High-performance, wireless noise-cancelling headphones so they’re always ready to rave or block out some loud snoring…

For the ones with cords galore… Practical but useful, a cord organiser won’t fail to hit the spot.

For the party starter… Why not buy them a floating, wireless speaker for all their party needs!

For the social poster… Get a cute portable charger so they can stay online and on the move.

For the happy snapper… or the really happy snapper! You can’t go wrong with an SD card so they’ve got plenty of space for photos! Opt for a 16GB or 32GB to be safe!


We’re on the move!

Each traveller is unique, so no matter which type you’re buying for, we’ve got the perfect gift for them whatever their travel hobby…

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For the Bridget Jones within… One, two or three notebooks perfect for jotting down travel memories, to-do lists and bucket lists!

For the trendsetter… Some beautiful, silver Birkenstocks!

For the “I have to be comfy” traveller… Two types of neck pillow, because boy, do they make a difference! Opt for the J pillow or the wraparound for comfort while travelling.

For the light sleeper… Get an eye mask for when they just need forty winks, perfect for on the plane, train, car, bus or even in their hostel!

Storage, storage and more storage

Oh the desire to overpack, it gets us all at some point or another. We’ve got a range of options whether you’re a suitcase gal or ‘the essentials only’ backpacker.

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For the pug-obsessed… You can’t go wrong with a pug emblazoned suitcase! They’ll want to take it everywhere! 

For the overpacker… A cute suitcase organiser is a sure-win – more space for clothes!

For the hiker… Get them this Herschel backpack – the leaders in backpacks!

For the one with the plain black suitcase… Help them stand out from the crowd with a cute luggage tag or two!  


Travel is a personal thing and there’s nothing quite like getting personalised mementoes of your trips away…

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For the bucket list obsessed… Get this next-level scratch map – Scratch the World®  for all their compulsive ticking-off needs!

For the planner… You can’t go wrong with a cute cork globe to help them plan their next trip!

For the gamer… Personalised cards are the perfect gift! They can reminisce while you beat them at Go Fish!

If you’re looking to gift something more, then gift an experience! What about a festival ticket for your travel obsessed buddy? You could even go with!
Here are some of our top choices…

Hogmanay 2017: 24 Hour Party Train; London and Edinburgh, 31st December!

Primavera Sound 2018; Barcelona, 30th May – 3rd June 2018

Secret Solstice 2018; Reykjavik, 21st-24th June 2018