11 reasons to go travelling when you’re young

If you haven’t already heard, STA Travel has a little something called BlueTicket – a game changer for those under 31 who are wanting to snag exclusive airfares! So, in the spirit of feeling young, fun and free, we thought we’d compile a list of reasons why we think travelling when you’re young is the one (although we do advocate it at any age!)

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You can hack the backpacker diet

Packet noodles for days, fast food for breakfast, endless amounts of toast – that beautiful thing called ‘fast metabolism’ accepts this messy diet.

You can also hack the hangovers (better, anyway)

We’ve all experienced hangovers getting worse with age, except those rare beings that never get a hangover – how do you do it?! You’re much more able to bounce back, fresh as a daisy, after a hostel drinking sesh when you’re younger… believe us.

It looks amazing on your CV

It sounds old and repetitive, but travel really does look great on your CV. Travellers are known to leave their comfort zones, take on new responsibilities, successfully navigate the world (usually), and also go through some life-changing experiences – who wouldn’t want to hire them?

Free accommodation in different corners of the world

You’ll make loads of friends, and a good handful of them will be from a different country. If you make life-long friends, you’ll stay in touch and your pool of places to visit (with free accommodation) will grow over the years. As long as you’re happy to give up your own couch once in a while.

Confidence for future job situations, networking, interviews, etc.

There’s nothing that prepares you more for future networking situations than approaching fellow travellers when you’re trying to make friends in a new hostel.

Longer to tick all the world off your list

The younger you start, the longer you have to tick off all your bucket list destinations.

It’s much easier to do when you have no real responsibilities

Coming out of school/college/uni is the perfect time to go travelling! You’ve got no real responsibilities holding you back – no job, mortgage, or family to look after. Who wants to go straight out of working in uni to a 9-5 office job, with no time to explore?! Not us, that’s for sure.

You could find what it is you want to do with your life while travelling

You are definitely not alone if you don’t know what you want to do with your life, when everyone says you’re supposed to. The experiences you have while travelling could open up a whole world of opportunities to you – from sponsorship in Australia, to teaching English in Asia, or working in travel when you get back home.


If you’ve not mastered the art of budgeting yet, travelling will force you to. Even if it’s eating cold beans out of a can and drinking cheap beer so you can afford all the other fun stuff!

It humbles you

Experiencing the way other people live their lives, or seeing how little people need to be truly happy, makes you realise that life doesn’t revolve around you or material possessions, and makes you grateful for what you have.

Your body can tolerate a lot more

A springy bunk bed in a hostel, a crazy cliff dive into the ocean, a skydive across the beach, or a rickety 7-hour bus journey – whatever it is, your young body can tolerate it a lot more than it will in 20 years’ time. Use your time wisely!

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