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5 ‘adventure’ states to visit in the USA

Do you consider yourself a modern day Indiana Jones – always looking for crazy experiences at some off-the-beaten-track location? Well don your cowboy hat and lasso, because we’re taking you on an adventure!

State #1: Colorado
Town/City:Aspen, Durango or Boulder

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Activities: Colorado has it all – mountain biking, skiing, whitewater rafting and hiking. Take Aspen, it’s got year round outdoor activities and some serious ski slopes. Visit Durango for dramatic scenery and UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Mesa Verde National Park, Chaco Canyon National Park and Aztec Ruins National Monument). Or head to Boulder, which was voted the best place to indulge in outdoor sports by Outside Magazine – like Aspen, with rock climbing.

Our verdict: If you’re a big fan of the outdoors, then Colorado should be top of your list.

State #2: South Carolina
Town/City: Charleston or Hilton Head

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Activities: Are you a beach babe, nature lover or old west fan? If you’re into beaches, surfing, trail running and sunset beach rides then Hilton Head is your cup of tea. Otherwise, go horseback riding in Charleston (old west vibes aplenty) then kayaking and hiking around the cypresses before wandering the cobblestone streets of the French Quarter. Cuuuuuute.

Our verdict: You get the best of every world here, so maybe visit both for a proper adventure.

State #3: Wyoming
Town/City:Cody/Jackson on the way to Yellowstone National Park

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Activities: Founder Buffalo Bill Cody named Cody, and it’s exactly the cowboy country it sounds like! This is where you can unleash your inner cowboy/cowgirl and go to the Rodeo and/or a wildlife tour. If your heart is more adrenaline-fuelled then they’ve got ziplining and white water rafting too. It’s located on the outskirts of Yellowstone too, so three guesses where you could go next. Try to check out Jackson too, where you can continue your cowboy ways, drinking in a saloon and pretending you’re in a wild west movie. Welcome to cowboy country! Cody (named after founder Buffalo Bill Cody… a ridiculously cool name) is perfectly located as it’s on the edge of Yellowstone – a prime spot for adventure! Go on a wildlife tour, do your best impression of a cowboy at the Rodeo, go ziplining or go white water rafting. Next up check out Jackson, another place to don your cowboy hat, drink at a saloon and pretend you’re in a wild west movie.

Our verdict: They had us at cowboys, old west saloons and rodeos! The perfect place to go to on the way to the amazing Yellowstone National Park.

State #4: Alaska
Town/City: Seward

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Activities: Just look at it – need we say more?! Ok we will… the Kenai Fjords National Park lies just next to Seward, and it offers stunning surroundings when you’re kayaking or hiking around the national park! There’s almost 40 glaciers – imagine kayaking passed those!

Our verdict: The photo doesn’t even look real, and we just love places that look like postcards! Helloooo Instagram, you will definitely be overused on this trip.

State #5: Utah
Town/city: Moab

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Activities: Go canyoneering in Utah! Hike and scramble through canyons on the ultimate canyoneering expedition! Look at that photo – imagine the scenes. Not only will you get the best view of the area, you’ll also be taken to ancient ruins and beautiful pools you can take a dip in after all that strenuous/amazing Bear Grylls stuff.

Our verdict: Yes. Yes. Triple yes. The best activity for the ultimate explorer.

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