Gap year ideas: what to do on a gap year

You fancy yourself as a bit of a traveller. You’re looking for flexibility, freedom and fun on your gap year adventure. Structure and rigid plans just aren’t your vibe. Sound like you? Well if you’re wondering exactly how to fill your gap year with lifelong memories and experiences then look no further! Consider us your gap year advisor (much like a career advisor but without the dark office and resting b*tch face). Here’s our top 4 picks.


Give back to the countries you’re visiting and take part in a volunteer project. There’s tons of options out there, from working with turtles in Costa Rica, teaching children in Cape Town or helping friendly Fijians in their local community. This is the perfect option for countries where you can’t get a working holiday visa, and sometimes accommodation and/or food is included! Check out our volunteering projects across the world.

Work abroad

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A great way to get around amazing countries like Canada, Europe, America and Australia. Not only do you gain experiences you can add to your CV, but you also get to the heart of a country by living like a local (and you earn money so you can travel the rest of it – win win). Check out our working holiday hub here.

Teach English as a foreign language

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Earn a TEFL qualification and the world is your oyster! There are so many countries that are looking for English teachers, from Thailand and Cambodia all the way to Europe. There’s nothing quite like seeing a child’s beaming smile when they’ve learnt something new and knowing you’ve made a small impact on that child’s future. And it’s something else that looks pretty darn impressive on your CV. Check out our TEFL page for more info.

Round the World

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What better time to travel around the world than when you’ve got a whole year to do it?! You can stop in as many countries as you like on a Round the World ticket, so you could spend a few months island hopping around Asia, before settling in to working in Europe (while also soaking up the awesome culture). Or start off your gap year with a working holiday visa in Australia/Canada, gain some of those vital travel funds, before heading off to explore the beautiful islands of New Zealand or the incredibly diverse region of Latin America. Plus, if you’re under 31 you could get one of our BlueTicket’s for your Round the World adventure – and get the lowest price, flexible date changes and you can secure it with a deposit!

We’re hoping you’ve finished reading this feeling way more inspired than you did when you left your career advisor’s office – screw you and your stuffy career ideas Sharon, we’re off on a gap year adventure!