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7 alternative places to visit in the USA in 2018

Forget the Hollywood Sign, Empire State Building and Grand Canyon! We’re here to share with you those little, hidden gems you’ve never thought about visiting in the USA. From prisons housing the world’s most infamous criminals to speakeasies hidden behind telephone boxes, here’s our pick of 7 alternative places to visit in the USA in 2018…

1. Antelope Canyon

antelope canyon


Arizona, located within the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation.


Due to its high levels of flash flooding, Antelope Canyon is a particularly dangerous spot to visit. So dangerous it can only be reached with the help of a tour guide. However, thanks to millions of years’ worth of wind and water erosion Antelope Canyon’s sandstone is smooth, flowing and just downright gorgeous, making it one of the most photographed and visited slot canyons in America. Just THINK of those Instagrams!

2. Alcatraz



San Francisco Bay, California


In all its 29 years of operation no prisoner has ever successfully escaped this prison… or so they claim! Also known as ‘The Rock’, Alcatraz held many famous American criminals such as Al Capone, Bumpy Johnson, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, and Robert Franklin Stroud (the Birdman of Alcatraz). Take a tour and learn all about its rich history or for a bit of extra spook opt for the night tour!

3. A Sloth Sanctuary



Rainer, Oregon


Just look at his little, smiling sloth face! How could you not want to go? Sloth Captive Husbandry Centre in Oregon is home to the largest captive population of adult sloths in the WORLD! The guys over at the sloth centre are dedicated to the care and research on these unusual animals. The centre allows small groups to have up close encounters with the sloths. Imagine meeting the world’s most chilled out animal?

4. Tesla Coil at Griffith Observatory

telsa coil


Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California


This is one of the most impressive things you will see at the Griffith Observatory. The Tesla Coil throws out lightning bolts every hour on the hour. Situated in a newly designed alcove of the observatory, the loud zapping noises are amplified for maximum wow factor! Forget ALL about the views on the outside of the observatory.

5. Please Don’t Tell

t Tell speakeasy entrance


St. Mark’s Place, New York City


Well firstly, you have to enter via a telephone box! Even in this social media age, where nothing remains a secret, Please Don’t Tell seems to do a pretty good job at keeping itself hush hush.  A throwback to the speakeasy, prohibition days Please Don’t Tell is a glamorous little bar where the menu is unknown until entering. Its website is literally one page with a reservation phone number on it. Head to Crif Dogs, a late night fried hot dog joint, enter via the telephone box, dial the secret telephone number and the most exciting part is about to start!


6. San Fran Street Slides



Seward Street, San Francisco


Slides. Grown-up slides people! Need we say more? Grab a trusty piece of cardboard, head to Seward Mini-Park and you’ll discover two giant slides tucked away behind the bushes. The sign on entering says ‘Adults must be accompanied by children’, it’s a whole heap of fun and a hidden treasure you’d never expect to find in San Fran!

7. Heidelberg Project


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This outdoor art project began as a protest against the deterioration of the neighbourhood following the 1967 Detroit riots. Begun by a local resident, the project has not only helped transform a local neighbourhood visually but has also supported a mission to change people’s lives through art.

It’s a big splash of colour and fun with an important underlying message, so if you’re passing by Detroit, make this one of your stopping points!

So remember, it’s not always about the tourist hot-spots! Check out flights to the US with Virgin and Delta now and get yourself to one of these hidden gems!