Discovering Halong Bay

In 2017 we gave Kyle and three other lucky winners £25,000 to travel the world with BlueTicket (our exclusive airfares for under 31). One of the many stops they chose on their Round the World adventure was Vietnam, a country of rich culture, diverse landscape and deliciously fragrant food.

Read on for Kyle’s account of disconnecting from the digital world and getting immersed in one of Vietnam’s true beauties: Halong Bay…

Getting off the grid isn’t easy in the 21st century. Finding a place to truly relax and feel pleasantly cut off from the rest of the world is easier said than done. But if you’re heading to Vietnam anytime soon I have just the place where this seemingly impossible dream can be a reality.

In the north of Vietnam about a 3-hour drive from Hanoi, you’ll find Halong Bay, a place of legend among the Vietnamese people, translating as descending dragon bay. Local fishermen believe the rock formations were formed by ancient dragons that fell from the sky.

Even without the legends, Halong is a place of natural wonder. It’s also said to be the location the Avatar landscape was based upon so you can imagine just how incredible it is to behold with your own eyes; with waters so clear and monumental rocks covered in leafy rich greens.

After another 4 hours on a boat and well into the depth of Halong Bay we arrived at a tiny island with one big hut that served as our sleeping spot for the night, eating area and the kitchen. With no phone service or wifi, it’s time to disconnect from your phone and get embrace laid-back island living.

halong bay

Enough hammocks to sleep a small village, a beach volleyball court and kayaks for exploring the surrounding caves and islands, it doesn’t get much better than this! A truly secluded spot where the sound of crashing waves is the only interruption to the silence – I’ve never felt more relaxed. Without social media or texts to reply to, you can fully appreciate the conversation with fellow islanders and I can guarantee you’re unlikely to hear greater stories from a more diverse group of people, all nationalities brought together on a tiny island off the coast of northern Vietnam.

halong bay

When you think the views can’t get any better, falling asleep under the stars without the pollution from the mainland is something truly incredible, a perfect way to end one of the best days of my life.

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