North America

Speak like a Canadian – sayings, phrases and words.

Wanna fit in with the locals when out and ‘aboot’? Get a few of these Canadian phrases & words under your belt and you’ll soon be talking like a Canadian eh!

1. Loony

the Canadian slang for a dollar (the plural being loonies).

2. Toonie

Canada-speak for a two-dollar coin

3. Two-four 

a case of 24 beers (may also be pronounced ‘two-fer’)

4. Poutine 

fries, gravy and lots of cheese curds!

5. Eh? 

one way to tell the Americans from the Canadians is the use of the word ‘eh’.  It’s used instead of huh, ya know, or if you want someone to repeat something.

6. Tuque

a knitted hat designed to keep the wearer warm in winter.

7. Canuck 

another name for a Canadian.

8. Canadian bacon 

bacon covered in maple syrup… yum!

9. How’s she bootin’er?

the Canadian equivalent of ‘how’s it going?’

10. Diphthongs

the definition of combining two vowels to make one – Canadians do this to words with ‘out’ (e.g. about becomes ‘aboot’) and also to words with ‘ue’ (e.g. Tuesday becomes Tooz-dee).

11. Toque 

a knitted, woolly hat.

12. Mickey

a hip flask for covert boozing.

13. Double-double

a coffee with two creams and two sugars.

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