Latin America

Travel Crush: 10 Reasons to live the Argentinian dream

Sipping on a glass of deep red, panoramic views of Patagonia’s impressive peaks and some of the most epic white water rafting on the planet! Sounds like a dream, right? Well in November of 2017 that dream became my reality, when STA Travel and G adventures invited me to Argentina for a week. And who am I? I’m Luke Clark – travel addict, adrenaline chaser and photography obsessive, and here are my 10 unforgettable reasons to go and relive this Latin American fantasy.

1. Patagonian Paradise

Not sure this image needs any commentary just look at it! Patagonia is a vast landscape of mountains, open grassy fields and monumental glaciers to feast your eyes on aka an outdoor adventurer and photographer’s bliss.

2. Cycling through vineyards

Taste Argentina’s finest and enjoy the breeze, while taking a leisurely bike ride through the famous wine regions of Mendoza.

3. Wine, wine… and more wine

Not only do you get the opportunity to taste an array of different wines but, sometimes, due to the sheer mass of its production in Mendoza, wine is considered pretty much tap water and costs next-to-nothing. I’ll cheers to that!

4. Time to tango

Ready to bust some serious Latino moves? Well the locals certainly are, and they won’t hold back when it comes to pulling you up on the dance floor too.

5. The Sound of Music

Why hold the mic when you can hold a glass of wine? From street music in Buenos Aires to live music in traditional restaurants, the sound of music is everywhere in Argentina.

6. The Striped Mountain

One of the most epic picnic spots of all time? Trust me, eating lunch after a few hours hiking while taking in views of the Andes feels like perfection.

striped mountain

7. The Bingo Bus

18 hours on a bus, what are you going to do? Play Bingo of course! The journey from Mendoza down to the beautiful town of Bariloche was an experience to say the least, but with Bingo, films and unreal scenery, time flew by…

8. White Water Rafting

I don’t think anything can describe this experience better than that face. The perfect way to end a sensational trip.

white water rafting

9. Let’s talk about Steak

If you like steak, Argentina is your place, those Argentinians definitely know their way around a grill. Dirty dancing, wicked wines and mouth-watering meat, what can’t they do??

10. Buenos Aires Sunday fair

The San Telmo Street fair in Buenos Aires showcases some of the best local arts and crafts and is an awesome way to experience the traditional city life and pick up some decorative souvenirs. Just be sure to be on the lookout for pickpockets, they’re crafty in a completely different way.


Think you’re ready for Patagonia’s peaks, boogying the Latino way and red wine for days? Of course you are! Find out more about this awesome region with our Latin America Travel Guide.

And now, how do you get there? I flew with LATAM Airlines direct who made the long journey there comfortable, filled with movies and even tasty (because let’s be real the highlight of the flight is often deciding what’s for dinner). Venturing further than one spot? Why not pick up a LATAM Air Pass and see where in Latin America it takes you…