Latin America

The travel Yin and Yang of South America

What kind of a traveller are you?

If your idea of the perfect trip is a slow and easy ride, with time to think, chill out and disconnect a little, then South America is the ideal place to get in touch with that inner ‘Yin’.

Or if you’re more boots on, geared up to explore and why sleep when you can Latino dance until dawn, then this diverse continent is a dream destination for the ‘Yang’ adventurer and self-confessed night-owl.

So are you more yin or yang or a perfect mix of the two? Read on and find out…


Be at one with the Amazon, Ecuador

Get off the grid and into Quichua village life in the mighty Amazon. Swim in rainforest waterfalls, learn about healing medicinal plants, and glide by canoe to an animal rescue centre. Good travel karma, guaranteed.


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Chase the sunset, Ilha Grande – Brazil

It’s hard not to move at speed zero when you’re on the pristine, no cars allowed island of Ilha Grande. Spend days snorkelling the Blue Lagoon, swinging in hostel hammocks and chilling on world-famous Lopes Mendes beach, with little to worry about other than whether you’ve chosen the right spot to watch the spectacular sunsets.


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Have a Nama-stay, Torres del Paine – Chile

Usually known for its wild weather and the hardcore 50 mile W Trek (W standing for windy. No, not really), Torres del Paine also has its fair share of Zzzzz moments. Strike an eagle pose in this Patagonian paradise, with daily yoga sessions, meditative lakes and breathtaking mountain tops. We’re feeling zen just thinking about it… ommmmm.


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Hang with the hippies, El Bolsón – Argentina

A hippie hangout since the 70s, this slice of bohemia nestled in Argentina’s Lake District is Yin heaven. Browse the artisan market, drop a beat in a drumming circle, and climb Piltriquitrón Mount to The Carved Forest – a magical outdoor gallery where local artists have carved wooden sculptures into the hillside.


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Sleep amongst the canopy, Manaus – Brazil

Get back in tune with you and nature as you travel by canoe deep into the jungle and uncover your new home, the eco-friendly Juma Amazon Lodge. Sleep in the treetops, spot endangered pink river dolphins, fish for piranhas and learn about the Amazon. Daily activities are arranged in small groups to have minimal impact on the forest as well as provide a truly personal experience.


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Fulfill your tree house fantasies? Contact us for more info

Avocado Beach! Capurganá – Colombia

Any island that names a beach after the mighty avo is a yes from us! Situated off Colombia’s Caribbean coast, seek relaxation on this tropical, remote gem of an island. Take a leisurely stroll through lush rainforest that opens onto views of blue ocean and those all-important white sandy beaches. Hungry? Pick up a handful of unique fish empanadas sold at local street stalls.


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Be an alternative adventurer, Machu Picchu – Peru

Get your adrenaline pumping and take on a different path to Machu Picchu than the traditional Inca Trail with the Jungle Trek. Trek through high mountain passes, cycle along ancient Inca pathways, zipline through the jungle canopy and raft along rapids. Yang heaven. Or Yin hell, depending on how brave you’re feeling.


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Shake it out, Rio Carnival – Brazil

Be absorbed by the infectious carnival fever as you dance day and night to the beats of Brazil. From lively street parties to the Sambadrome parade, this is something you won’t forget in a hurry (unless you had one too many caipirinhas, eek!)


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Swim with sharks, Galápagos Islands – Ecuador

Think the only way to see the Galápagos Islands is by boat? Think again. Get closer to the action as you camp in the thick of it. Hike to the summit of Sierra Negra volcano, explore lava tunnels and opt to swim with sharks and manta rays.


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Hike in Patagonian paradise – Chile

One of the greatest places to don your trusty walking boots and traverse the wilderness one step at a time. From hiking through the beauty of Torres del Paine with snowy peak views and an abundance of wildlife, to ice-trekking on the imposing Perito Moreno Glacier – Patagonia is nothing short of iconic.


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Surf’s up, bottoms up, Montanita – Ecuador

A party town in Ecuador with a surfing problem? This is THE place to go if you want to surf some of the best waves in South America and rave on the beach until the early hours. Every good night starts from the aptly named Cocktail Alley – a narrow street with just about every cocktail you could imagine.


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Biking Death Road, Coroico – Bolivia

Cheat death by cycling this epic trail. With impressive views across the Amazon (admittedly pretty hard to focus on because you’re cycling next to a 1,000 metre drop!) and 40 miles of downhill riding this adventure isn’t for the fain hearted. Just make sure you test those breaks work beforehand.


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No matter your travel type South America has got what it takes to leave you fully satisfied.  Find out more about what this incredible continent has to offer as well as some seriously tempting travel deals on our South America Travel guide