West is best! Why you should work abroad in Western Australia

Oh Western Australia with your expansive coastline, dreamy white beaches all to yourself, red rock gorges and cuddly quokkas. You’re beautiful it’s true, but what’s it gonna cost us? We can’t all galivant around the world without putting in some elbow grease so how do we earn money when we’re there?

Western Australia is full of opportunity, it’s a great place to work AND travel. You can earn enough pennies to check off everything on your WA bucket list while fully immersing yourself into the Aussie way of life and making some new friends along the way too.

Still need convincing? We caught up with travel addicts Lucie, Josh and Alex after they took on the ultimate working holiday in Western Australia…

What did you learn about Western Australia?

Josh – It’s difficult to put Western Australia into words. I couldn’t believe how incredibly big and diverse the place was. From the beaches and marine life, red rock formations to forests of giant trees. It literally blows your mind every day. You will never understand the scale until you go and experience it for yourself.

Alex – I learnt why a lot of my friends live in WA – there’s so much to do and the day is only getting started once you finish your job. Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune, national parks, chilling on the beach and of course surfing are all normally free! Outside living at its best!

Lucie – Out of all of the places I’ve been so far WA has been my favourite, and I’m not just saying that! There are so many unique activities to do and the lifestyle is so different to the UK. I also didn’t realise the variety of work we could do. Organic farming, working with turtles and even a job in a chocolate factory – jobs that actually don’t feel like work at all.

western australia

Was there anything you didn’t expect or surprised you about Western Australia?

A – I never knew there was so much wildlife to see there. The Coral Coast is awesome for seeing turtles, dolphins, sting rays, whale sharks and so much more.

shark bay

L – Wow are the people nice! Every person you chat to or ask advice would be so welcoming and willing to help. We met some amazing people and great friends we will keep in contact with until next time for sure.

J – We never realised how hot it gets in the Lancelin desert! Also, how easy it is make friends in hostels and hotels there, there’s so many like-minded people in the same situation as you. Travelling is a contagious bug that seems to bring positive happy and interesting people together.

What were your favourite moments?

J – It’s hard to choose! A lot of my favourite memories were on the long road trips where we stopped to take in some insane views. I will never forget the night we stayed in a hot tub and sat star gazing in the middle of Cape Peron National Park until the early hours.

L- Thinking about the whole trip makes me want to cry with happiness as it was probably the best one in my whole life. Picking out my favourite moments is super hard! I’m a big animal lover so seeing all the cute quokkas on Rottnest Island was a highlight for sure. Also WA is a surfer’s dream with long, uncrowded stretches of beach and the waves are all yours. Conquering my fears and jumping out of a plane has got be up there too!

A –Waking up to beautiful weather every morning has got to be one! As experiences go, the highlight for me was the sunset helicopter tour over Perth and over to Rottnest. A once in a lifetime opportunity to see the fascinating city from above.

rottnest island

And the worst/ funniest…?

A – It has to be the pinnacles. A beautiful spot that we returned to later in the trip, but so much went wrong the first-time round! The cameras were malfunctioning and we were misplacing our stuff left right and centre, some of us found it more funny than others (Lucie) however we got out alive and returned later for a WA staple – the sunset.

J – Running out of petrol miles and miles from Cervantes. It’s such a vast area you have to be so prepared. The funniest…. well that’d take forever, we had a month of constant fun! It was a joke! I want to do it all over again.

L – The worst part was I had to come home! WA was mind blowing and really wish I could have spent more time there exploring.

What advice would you give to someone else thinking about a working holiday in Western Australia?

L – Definitely plan your trip! Get a planner and write down all the experiences and places you want to visit then do some research and scope out a route. That way you’re more likely to make the most of this beautiful part of the world and get to see and do everything you’d dreamed of.

A – WA has so much to offer. There’s a job to suit anybody and a ridiculous amount of activities to do, whether you have some time off and travel the coast or just want something to do in the evening Western Australia has got you.

J – Prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime! Australia is like no other and I am so happy and humbled to have experienced all it has to offer. I’d recommend it to anybody who fancies a change of scenery and to escape the gloomy British weather.

eagle bay

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