48-hour fling with Amsterdam

Just an hour and a bit away by plane (or even the train), this is one short-distance love affair waiting to happen. Here’s 7 reasons why the Netherlands capital will have you saying Amsterdaaaaaaaamn.

1. Cyclist heaven

Love being on two wheels? Amsterdam is a cycling utopia, just be careful as bike lanes are also shared with motorbikes… If you’re not keen on hopping on the saddle, walking around this picturesque city couldn’t be easier.

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2. Food, glorious food

You’d be hard pressed to find a bad place to eat in Amsterdam to be honest. If you’re feeling lazy, don’t worry about researching the best restaurants for each meal, take a walk on the wild side and just… walk on in! If you are looking for some shout outs, we highly recommend Bakers and Roasters and the Foodhallen.

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3. Cheaper Saturday nights

Or Monday nights, or Tuesday nights, we won’t judge whatever day you choose to hit the town, but when you do go out, make sure you order yourself a Heineken for the ultimate payback in change. Enjoy that beer hangover!

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4. Cat ladies rejoice!

If you’re a fan of the feline, then you NEED to visit the illustrious cat boat. Yep, you heard us right. There is a boat, full of cats. A local charity sat on the water decided to open its doors to the homeless cats of Amsterdam and now their doors are open to the public too! Get ready for furry cuddles and purring galore.

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5. Art and history

Rouse your inner nerd with a tour around the Van Gogh museum, Moco Museum or take a step back in time at Anne Frank’s house. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find an attraction for you.

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6. Pack your walking boots

Amsterdam doesn’t just have cheap Heineken, it has plenty of free sights you should get on your checklist. Whether it’s escaping the city’s hustle and bustle in the scenic Vondelpark, exploring the Red-Light district, getting your picture taken at the I Amsterdam sign or checking out the floating flower market, make time to just wander the streets – they’re pretty photogenic after all.

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7. Weird and wonderful is totally normally

Want to go sit in the world’s smallest movie cinema (just one seat, sorry mates)? Hit up Amsterdam’s CINEMA41! Or maybe you want to spend an afternoon giggling with your mates (so immature) at animatronic dolls in risqué poses? Hello, Sex Museum! Or for those cat lovers (got you covered again) wanting to spend the day looking at cat art? KattenKabinet is the one for you…

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Whatever your reason for visiting, you can be sure that a trip to Amsterdam will be like no other! So get this yummy European destination on your list, you won’t regret it!