8 reasons you NEED to visit Fiji

Written by Drew, @drewinsky

If anywhere deserves the title of paradise – it’s Fiji.

So pack that swimwear and prepare for sipping daily piña coladas on incredible beaches, underwater wonderlands and some of the most insta-worthy tropical scenery out there (no filter needed).

Here’s 8 reasons why you need to make Fiji your next holiday destination.

1. Beach bum heaven

Consider yourself a beach worshipper?  Then traveller, you’re in luck! I’ve been to a fair share of beaches around the world and I’ve never seen anything quite like Fiji’s world-class selection.

Take the Yasawa Flyer (a speed boat/ferry) up to the beautiful Yasawas and embrace the aquamarine waters, pristine white sand, coconut trees and swaying hammocks scattered across the beach.

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2. Laid back locals

I met dozens of Fijians during my trip (even made some good friends) who were all super friendly and welcoming. Get prepared to say “BULA” every time you encounter a Fijian — it’s their friendly greeting meaning “Hello” and also wishing you in good health!

The Fijian culture is fascinating, so if you get the chance I’d definitely recommend taking a trek into one of the villages and listen to the stories of the people that live there.

3. Make underwater pals

Fiji sets the bar pretty damn high when it comes to marine life. I was blown away by the diversity of fish I saw. swam with dozens of white-tip sharks, saw stingrays, eels, and thousands of kinds of fish. No matter where you are in Fiji, you will find plenty of dive and snorkel sites where seeing life under the sea is guaranteed!

Fiji is also known as the “soft coral capital of the world”, as most of the corals are undamaged and untouched.

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4. Oh-so-dreamy resorts

With a variety of tropical resorts, Fiji has the goods to cater to any  budget or needs. On the Yasawa Islands, I stayed at a few resorts on a couple of different islands: Octopus Resort, Blue Lagoon and Barefoot Kuata. Out of the three, Barefoot Kuata has got to be my favorite. It felt less crowded and like I owned the entire island! The diving and scuba diving there was the best I found in Fiji as well. I would go back in a heartbeat.

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5. Fresh fruit for days

Given the warm climate, Fiji is home to many natural fruits including pineapples, watermelons, coconuts, cantaloupe, bananas and more.  I discovered a new found addiction to the pineapples –  they were just so sweet and delicious!

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6. You’ll never feel the chill

Fiji has balmy temperatures ranging between 26 and 31 degrees Celsius (79 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit) year round.  You can leave your jackets at home, because it’s always warm in Fiji!

The best time to visit is during peak season (July – September) as it’s mostly dry and sunny during these months.  If you choose to go from November to April, then you may experience some stormy and wet/rainy weather. But swimming in paradise the rain doesn’t seem too bad…

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7. Embrace the rhythm of Fiji

One thing I loved about Fijians is that they are always singing songs on the guitar!  Whenever I arrived at a new resort or island (even if it was raining) people were outside singing, smiling and having a great time.

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8. Live on Fiji time

Don’t have a watch?  No problem!

Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) is in a hurry in Fiji.  Everything is late, and that’s because people live on “Fiji time.”  This is actually a popular expression in Fiji, because everyone lives by it! So — don’t freak out if plans are delayed or people are late.  Most likely, someone is taking a nap or drinking a bowl of kava. It’s a much less stressful life!

And if those 8 reasons haven’t convinced you enough, maybe this will.


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